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Today has been a slightly interesting workday. First of all, we're working on Corpse Party. We got the assignment a while ago, but we didn't say anything about it (well, we did, but not by name) because we weren't sure if it had been announced yet. Then when lyschan offered to do that collage for us, it came time to check it out, and she discovered that they announced it all the way back at New York Comic-Con. To be doubly sure, we checked the Yen Press website, and sure enough, they already have a listing for volume one. Tadah!

What makes it interesting, though, is that it's a horror series, and so far we're two for two on having dark rainy days come along when we need to translate it. Fortunately, we have happy music to listen to, and on Sunday we discovered Netflix has more episodes of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic that we haven't seen. Also, this volume was more gruesome than scary...which is not really better, but it's easier to not dwell on.

But the funny thing is, last time we worked on Corpse Party, after we turned it in, the missionaries were in the neighborhood and decided to stop by and say hello. We chatted a little and I brought up that we were working on a horror series that day, and one of the elders asked what Japanese horror is like, anyway. I wasn't sure how to describe it, so I said, "Have you seen The Ring?" He hadn't, but the other elder had. He said he wouldn't recommend it, adding, "It will make you scared of water. And mirrors. And sinks." "And TVs!" I added, helpfully. "And TVs," he acknowledged, "and living."

So we wondered why horror as a genre is even a thing, and then I think we changed the subject, and then they left, because they couldn't come inside anyway so it wasn't logical for the visit to last more than a few minutes.

But anyway, work today also included writing a ton of book summaries! The funniest was when our editors at Kodansha USA asked us to write a cover copy for UQ Holder! volume seven, and we were like, "Uh...what happened in that one?" Because we were pretty sure we were really far ahead of it, and as it turns out, we've translated more than thirty chapters past where volume seven left off.

In the same email, they asked if we could write cover copies for all of UQ Holder! going forward, and we were like, "Uh..." But we were even sillier about it than that, saying that we could maybe do it if they would tell us which chapters each volume covered, and we used a ton of ellipses in an attempt to convey the painful reluctance with which we were saying it. I was a little worried about that, but they laughed and said okay, okay, one of them will do it going forward. And then we remembered that it wouldn't be so hard if we just made sure to buy copies of the Japanese releases of each volume, because then we could just flip through and see what happened, so we told them as much and now we're waiting to see if they'll still want us to do it.

Finally, our editor at Yen Press asked if we could get another book done (in addition to Corpse Party) before we leave for Japan, so we got started on a volume of Ice Reaper to make sure it didn't surprise us with excessive chattiness. So far, so good.

But! we noticed something pretty funny and we wanted to share. We got a whiteboard to write the list of top priority translations we have to do and post it on our wall, so when Gaston comes over to go to Disneyland he can see how busy we are (and because we like having a whiteboard). So we were looking at the whiteboard today, and the list is like this: Devil Survivor, My Little Monster, Corpse Party, Ice Reaper, Noragami. (Emphasis added.) He's not a horror fan, either, and he knows nothing about these titles, so we can imagine him seeing the list and going, "No wonder Noragami's your favorite!" Also, if we added one more, it would be Chaika: The Coffin Princess. Seriously, how did this become a trend?

Today I'm thankful for getting a lot of work done today, managing to get all of those book summaries written/translated, having lots of cookies, new My Little Pony episodes, and not dying when we tried to do real push-ups.
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