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Quick update

Just a quick post today. We've been work, work, working! I think we might have stopped working only a little bit later than usual, except that we went to the store first. The forecast is predicting a lot of rain this week, and we wanted to get milk before the storms hit. And then today was our deadline for finishing the last volume of My Little Monster! It's good, you guys.

But now we have been at the computer almost all day, and Page seems unhappy. On the other hand, she's also just gone into her heated cat bed, so maybe she's okay, but if I'm interpreting the look on her face correctly (and really I have no idea what the odds are on that), she's wishing we could all go somewhere else.

Today I'm thankful for finishing our translation by the deadline, getting to work on the wonderful series that is My Little Monster, beating the storms and getting groceries, having cake to thwart Yuzan's torture, and it being time to go relax for a little while.
Tags: busyness, my little monster

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