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Year in review: 2015

Wow, it's like New Year's Eve. How did that happen? Here I was, minding my own business, and bam! New year tomorrow. Athena says she remembers it being the middle of February and she was thinking, "Wow, look at all the work we've done this year! We're so busy!" (we went and found the post we wrote about it! Check it out!), and now suddenly it's December 31st! Whoa!

And since we've maintained that level of busyness for the whole rest of the year (except for a couple of blessed times when we were able to take some time off), we thought we'd do a count of how much work we've done! Tadah! We translated approximately sixty-five volumes of manga over the course of the year!

I actually thought it might be more, because I keep wanting to not factor Disneyland time because I feel like people will be all, "Please, you weren't working! You had plenty of time to decompress!" And then I say, "Going to Disneyland does not equal decompressing." And I leave it at that because I seriously need to just let it go, and then I pad the impressiveness of all the work we got done by reminding everyone that we also worked on a video game that didn't get released (isn't it so convenient that I can just "make up" video games that we worked on and then say they just got put on hiatus and that's why I have nothing to show for it? well, I will remind everyone that Type-0 did eventually get a US release (does it have our names in the credits to prove we worked on it? no idea)), and a much shorter game that really did get released (Deception IV), a fact which continues to astound us to this very day. And we did a bunch of little contract translations here and there.

But now it's time for the obligatory "year in review meme". Longtime readers will remember that the one we always do is the one where you copy and paste the first sentence of the first post from each month of the year. Only I'm going to do the first paragraph or two, because I have an ego and like to read our old posts (the paragraphs are mostly short, if that helps).

We had been trying to decide whether or not to take the day off today. With all our going around Doing Stuff for the last few weeks, we've been wanting a day to just relax and do non-obligatory things. On the other hand, our Chaika deadline is on Tuesday, and we wanted to go to Disneyland on Monday and take one more shot at getting those cookies that are bound to be gone once all the holiday stuff is.

(Wow, I think that was a pretty fair summary of our entire year.)

So a thing happened, maybe. There's still a chance that it's all an illusion. It's really not a long story, but I feel like it needs a detailed lead-up, to explain our state of mind when we got the news.

(Would you believe I didn't remember what thing this was? We kept reading and discovered it was about winning the Manga Translation Battle.)

Normally we'd be on the phone with Mom right about now, but she is inexplicably not picking up. So we're updating LiveJournal instead.
The coming week promises to be a very busy one. We've had some changes in our work schedule, and while we knew the changes were coming, we didn't know what they were when we had to decide what to translate on Friday. We got the new schedule toward the end of the workday, and it turns out we chose the wrong thing. At least we're that much closer to having that thing finished for when it does need to be finished.

Well, normally we would be at Wednesdays with Walt right about now, but! it being spring break and all, our passes are blocked out, so we can't go to Disneyland today. We like Wednesdays with Walt, but not enough to upgrade our passes for it. I like to think that the Disney restoration team is working on restoring all the film for a Blu-ray release in the not too distant future. But this week, they're showing Dumbo, and we have Dumbo on Blu-ray anyway. If we check the extras, maybe it will also have the Walt Disney introduction, too.

We're having one of those days where it's like, "Okay, I just have to do this and this...and this and this...and that other thing and this...and then I can finally play video games!" And the list seems to be constantly acquiring new items. And that's pretty much how our work schedule has been lately, too, so we're getting pretty tired of it. That being the case, it was tempting to blow off LiveJournal again, but since it's part of our rare contact with the outside world, I figure I should at least update on weekends when we have ever so slightly more time.

Oh man, we are so tired. We went to Disneyland yesterday! And wore ourselves out, as usual. I want to say I don't know how it happens, even on days when we spend four hours sitting around saving seats, but I think I do know. First, we didn't get enough sleep. That's partly our own fault, because when Gaston and Alice arrived, we talked for a little while, and then Athena and I said, "Hey, we have a DVD about our grandpa! Wanna watch?" So we stayed up an hour later, knowing full well that we were planning to get up at six. I guess the bigger question is why would we deliberately plan to get up at six? And the answer is: these days, it's the best way to enjoy Disneyland. I need to not think too hard about that or it will make me hate everything.

Well, we're off to Anime Expo today, but first, I think we can fit in another review. Please don't let our absence prevent you from commenting (assuming you have anything to say)! We'll be able to check the internet a little while we're there, but our hotel charges kind of a lot for it, so it will be a little more sporadic. But we're also going to have to work, so we're going to need the internet for at least one day.

Well, here it is Saturday afternoon and I'm out of things to write about. Even after our cathartic post on Thursday, the incident with our friend is still taking up most of our mental energy. Or mine, anyway. Athena tells me she's mostly thinking about Singing Time, which makes sense because she has to run Singing Time in Primary tomorrow.

(This one I did remember--the cathartic post was about something a friend of ours said when it was late and we were all tired, and we got offended even though it wasn't sincere.)

Well, we had a day off and I think it helped? But it would have helped more if we weren't looking at another day away from work on Friday, but it's Gaston's birthday and who are we to say no to a day at Disneyland on someone's birthday? It wouldn't even be a problem if we didn't have a volume of Say I Love You due on Monday. That wouldn't be a problem either if it wasn't also interrupted by Persona Q (side P3, which is always more talkative) and UQ Holder!. Things are shaping up to be pretty overwhelming, so here's hoping Disneyland is very relaxing! (It wasn't.)

I probably should have posted about this yesterday, but it was Review Rednesday, and we hate to miss Review Rednesday. Plus we don't have time to think of a good name for if we decide to do it on Thursday, but we almost did it on Tuesday last week and we would have called it "Reviewsday." Cool, right?
Anyway, as I mentioned on Tuesday, our plans to give ourselves the kick needed to cross the Pacific Ocean fell through when we failed to win the Kingdom Hearts Fan Event ticket lottery. We were part bummed and part relieved, because we don't quite have the capacity to handle planning a trip to Japan this month (and we would have to leave at the end of this month).

Well, in the spirit of "everything is happening this week", I've been asked to give a talk in sacrament meeting next week. I'm trying not to think too hard about it, because it's stressful, but on the other hand, it helps to think of what I'm going to say. It's on keeping the Sabbath day holy, which is something I'm not sure I excel at, but something I definitely have things to say about, so hopefully I'll have time to put those thoughts on paper and be ready to present them. Oh man, this week is scaring me.

Oh man, we just read a really super long article and now I don't even know where I am anymore. But it was really fascinating and had a list at the end of common cognitive distortions. The idea is if you can identify these distortions, you can reevaluate what's going on in your life based on real facts, and be happier in general. Apparently it's one of the more effective ways to fight things like depression and anxiety.

We're kind of astounded at how similar all the posts are. Hopefully there was enough variation in them to prevent people who were reading over the year from being like, "Oh man, not this again!" But it's definitely an accurate recap of the year: work work work Disneyland work Japan...?

But despite all the work and less-than-restful trips to Disneyland, I think it's been a pretty good year. We started work on a bunch of new series, we got plenty of shiny nail wraps to decorate our fingernails for the first time since, like, elementary school (speaking of which, our Jamberry consultant is having a Facebook party for her "Jam-iversary" for the next few days, so if anybody wants to take part in it (you could win a door prize, which I imagine is a free set of nail wraps), let us know and we'll invite you!), and wow! we won a translation contest! That's pretty big news. And best of all, we finally got the motivation we needed to go to Japan again.

So while it feels like this year was a lot of the same old stuff happening over and over again, I definitely feel like we've been making progress, and I really look forward to what 2016 has in store!

This year I'm thankful for earning enough money that we can go to Japan and buy souvenirs, getting to meet and talk to lots of people at Anime Expo, discovering the joy of pretty fingernails, getting to work on a lot of great manga as usual, and managing to find some time off when we really needed it.
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