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Unexpected Noragami day

We did not work on Noragami at all today, and yet it has become a Noragami kind of day. First, one of our editors asked us if we happened to have a certain book, and we thought, "Nope...unless that package that arrived yesterday had it." Of course, we want to have the most accurate and up-to-date information before we email our editor, so we opened the package and lo and behold, it was NOT that book! But it was Noragami 14, with our favorite cover so far! Oh my goodness, it's so adorable! Not the same kind of adorable as volume 12 (which is also adorable), but just! EEEEEEEE!! (Or maybe we just like to see Yukine in Shinto wear. But Kazuma looks pretty spiffy, too.)

Then we got a phone call from Gaston, as we knew we would because of course he's going to want to go to Disneyland when our passes aren't blocked out, and even moreso because we'll be gone for a big chunk of January. Surprisingly, though, he wasn't calling about Disneyland. He was calling about Noragami! Of course it's not quite as exciting as if Gaston were actually reading the series, but as it so happened, Alice's brother is an anime/manga fan (a fact Gaston only discovered last February, when we all went to Disneyland together), and this year Alice was to be giving a Christmas gift to this particular brother. They asked us to talk to him at Knott's to see if we could get a feel for what he would like, but we ended up not spending a lot of time with him, so that plan was a bust. But we were like, "Whatever, just give him Noragami!" because we think everyone should like Noragami! (Because they totally should. Or at least read it. Seriously, if you are a friend of ours who reads manga and you have not read Noragami, I don't know if we can still be friends. (We wanted to say, "Consider our friendship on hiatus," but we didn't want to be that harsh.))

Anyway, we figured it would be okay, since this brother had said that he'd watched other action series and seemed to like them. Also, we happened to have copies of volumes one through three that we had ordered on Amazon, thinking of a friend of ours who we think would enjoy it. Fortunately(?), we hadn't told that friend that we had obtained copies of Noragami or were even thinking of sending any, so we figured this friend wouldn't be missing anything if we didn't send them along. (This is also what prompted us to finally bug Kodansha to send us comp copies. Alas, we're still missing the all-important volume one.) So we signed volume one (on their request; we're still not sure we're important enough to be signing autographs, so we always write an apology for ruining the book by writing on it (this time with an added shift of blame onto Gaston, also at his request)) and gave them all three volumes to give to Alice's brother.

And that's why Gaston called today! He wanted to tell us that Alice's brother was really excited about the gift, he'd heard about Noragami and that it was really good, and it was the biggest they'd seen him smile in a long time! Awwwwww! Now we really hope he likes it, because man, what a letdown that would be.

Today I'm thankful for finishing our translation of the chattiest volume of Devil Survivor yet, getting to start work on My Little Monster 13 (we thought, "We should do our exercise first, then we'll feel better about working because we won't have exercise hanging over our heads!" Then we did a core 3 workout and died but had to work anyway; it was about the time our CD ended and it was time to stop that I was finally feeling up to working again, and it was really interesting, so we sort of wanted to go on, but we have so much other stuff to do...), the super adorable cover to Noragami 14, Alice's brother liking his gift, and someone on eBay still having the pin we wanted to buy.
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