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Sometimes, simple is better. That's why there's only one heart this time. I really hope to see him in later episodes. Preferably soon. And! We clearly saw Michael Rosenbaum's name in the credits this time!

Also, I convinced myself that Jazz was in fact totally in character last night, just a little overexcited. It actually tends to bother me when people talk like they know more than the creators of their favorite shows, so I apologize, even though I'm probably the only one who cares. Now, to clarify, I do have a bad habit of critiqueing shows and saying, "Oh, it would have been so much better if they'd done it this way," or, "It really doesn't work when you do it that way," but those are shows that haven't proven to me that they don't need my ever-so-helpful advice to live up to their potential. I'm bad.

Anyway, Danny Phantom has proven to me in more than twenty episodes that Butch Hartman and his team know what they're doing, so it's not my job to correct them when I think they're wrong. Also, who am I to say I know Jazz better than they do? Tsk, tsk, saying that my interpretation of the character is better than theirs. (Athena: They created her! Hello!?)

Now as a translator, I do hope that I have some skill at interpreting characters; otherwise our translations would suck. Because the point is to maintain everything about the work, just making it so more people can understand it. If I start saying, "They can't say that! That's not in character!" when, duh, they just said that, then things go all wrong. Especially because there are scenes where characters aren't in character, like in the desert palace/scorpion arc of Saiyuki. It takes away the drama of Sanzo going crazy if the translator thinks, "But he wouldn't do that! That's not in character!" and decides to make it more "in character." I wonder if this whole rant has to do with left over bitterness about the DN Angel rewrite... You have to read the thing and figure out what the character is like before you decide a character would talk a certain way, dang it! And I should really stop talking about that.

(Speaking of DN Angel manga, though, if anyone has a chance to check out the DN Angel box set TokyoPop released last month (containing volumes 1 & 2) and tell us if the re-release is any different than the original English version release, we would greatly appreciate it.)

Athena says our lack of creativity probably helps a lot in that regard. We have no ability to create characters, so we can only call them as we see them. Hopefully our vision isn't too cloudy.
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