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Alethea & Athena
22nd-Dec-2015 04:42 pm
Well, we finally got to the next chapter of Fruits Basket Another, but it's hard to be motivated for two reasons. ...Okay, three reasons. The first is we're too tired to deal with anything. The second is kind of a motivator and anti-motivator at the same time, and that's that it has been brought to our attention that there are scanslations out there, so on the one hand, it's like, "Okay, we better beat them to it!" but then we're too tired to deal with anything (and very busy) so we can't get to it until a few days later, so we figure the scanslators already have it out and we figure what's the point of anything anymore.

The third is that we weren't assigned to translate the re-release, which doesn't really affect our motivation to translate so much as it affects how much we care about quality. It's just a bunch of, "Whatever, who even cares anymore? It's not like it's our job." But we enjoy the series and we want to share it, so we'll keep doing our thing. And for clarification, we're really not upset about that anymore, but as stated above, it does affect our motivation, especially when we've been so busy and tired.

Anyway, we will be posting our translation shortly after posting this. Tadah! (<--premature)

In other news, we did get to try the hazelnut (chilled) cocoa last night and the verdict is! ...a little disappointing. It tasted kind of weak, is what I'm saying. We suspect they used cocoa mix with water, or skim milk at best, and then managed to trick most people into thinking it was made with real milk by adding that creamer. It tasted buttery, but weak. Next time we have it, we'll be adding more of our own cocoa mix.

And in other mildly interesting topics, our friend Kyoya was thinking about what kind of things we could do when we go to Japan, I guess, because he asked if we'd be okay going to a hot spring. This kind of took us off guard, because even though we'd seen hot springs all over the place in anime, and even though I'm pretty sure we've seen beautiful pictures of the kind of scenery you can get at a hot spring via Kyoya's own Facebook, we'd never really thought of them as real things that people do. Ultimately, we decided the hurdle was too high.

We did have a classmate in college who had done an internship with a Japanese company, and they went to hot springs on company trips regularly, I guess, and he said he got used to it. And so I think about the cultural differences involved, and I think, "That's interesting," enough to bring it up here, and that's the end of my thoughts on the matter. Oh well.

Today I'm thankful for finishing work early today, getting to read the latest installment of Fruits Basket Another, the thought of onsen monkeys in a hot spring surrounded by snow, getting to snack on cheddar 'n' caramel popcorn, and having some fancy pasta to try tonight.
22nd-Dec-2015 10:56 pm (UTC)
I hope that you get a break and good rest.
"... and he said he got used to it."
Hm, that's very interesting point about going to hot springs as an actual experience for a non-Japanese person. It's great that he asked you before planning the trip. You are going next month, right? It's coming fast!
24th-Dec-2015 02:03 am (UTC)
Thanks! If nothing else, we plan to not work while we're in Japan (except on simulpubs).

I know, right? Usually, I'm like, "Whatever, people are all the same!" But this is one of those things that really highlights how things can be different in different cultures. We ARE going next month! It's getting exciting!
23rd-Dec-2015 01:16 am (UTC)
Would the people who read your translation read the scanlation if yours isn't done soon enough? If so... well, boo to them. But if not, then whatever the dirty pirates do has no relevance to your work because those who matter are waiting anyway (I hope!). (on that note... I've gotten behind on following along, as you probably noticed. I'm sorry :( I'll buy the book and read them all then, though, I promise♥)

Hot spriiiing!!! So, I really liked the baths in Japan. (I was lettering Thermae Romae at the time, which greatly contributed to my enthusiasm :D) Being able to have a bath every night in the homes we were staying in (my aunt's friend and aunt's friend's mom) was lovely, and the trip to a hot spring place in Nagano (where the friend lives) was also neat. My aunt didn't go to the hot spring, but I went with her friend and once I got over my own self-consciousness it was fine. I mean, I didn't want to stare at other bathers, and I assume they didn't want to stare at me, but if they did that's their problem, and I'm not likely to see any of them (except the friend) ever again anyway. ...such was my reasoning (or rationalizing, since I had to combat my usual inclinations for the sake of better understanding my favourite time-travel-bath-manga). Then again, we were (very fortunately) traveling with someone who knew the language and culture very well and did a lovely job getting us from place to place, ordering food, planning our schedule, etc etc etc, so there weren't many outside-my-comfort-zone moments overall, and that probably made it easier for me to be adventurous and try this thing I might otherwise be uncomfortable with.

Anyway ahhhh you're going to Japan soon!! I'm so excited for you :D I hope whatever you do there, you have a fun time and don't get too stressed out!

Edited at 2015-12-23 04:17 am (UTC)
24th-Dec-2015 02:08 am (UTC)
We do have our suspicions (paranoia?) sometimes, but you make an excellent point.

Everything we've seen in anime and manga indicates that they are rather a pleasant experience! Kyoya's response when we said we didn't think we could do it was something about yeah, it would be a pretty high hurdle for someone who grew up in a shower culture (which was pretty funny because that's exactly what Athena was thinking: the hurdle is too high). Unfortunately for us, we don't (yet?) have any female Japanese friends to go with, and I do think that that would help a lot. As it is, we're terrified enough of getting stuck in a situation where we can't communicate fully clothed, so while I do think I could get over the self-consciousness, I think I'd have too much other self-consciousness and insecurity to deal with. First we'll work on getting used to Japan.

Thanks! We're planning on having a great time! (If nothing else, we'll go to Disneyland, shop around Ikebukuro, and hide in our hotel the whole time...but only if we're too stressed out, which we will try not to be!)
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