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My Little Monster volume 11

Our schedule continues to be in flux. One of our editors emailed to confirm that we were on track to get Devil Survivor done on time, and we said yup, we were going to do it after My Little Monster and a couple of other things, but if you want Devil Survivor before My Little Monster, let us know. She emailed back with something about how it should be okay if we need more time, and we were like, "No worries. We're planning to get both of them in on time; we just wanted to know if you wanted to get to it really fast." It wasn't until after that that I realized that four books by January fourth really does seem like a stretch. This is not to say that it seems like it will be no problem, but more an indication of how completely oblivious we are to realistic time-frames. I think this is a self-defense mechanism, because if we thought about it too hard...

Anyway, it's Review Rednesday! Up this week is My Little Monster, I think! Let me check our calendar... Yup, My Little Monster 11! Spoiler level: moderate?

Well, we translated this volume like a week ago, and I remember being very excited to write about it at the time... It's a good thing I wrote notes, because there are a couple of things I wanted to mention.

First is that poster that Asako made! The picture of Haru on it is so adorable. And you really have to wonder: where did she get that? The bear saying "stay alive" is great, too. (That was actually a paraphrase. The original Japanese was "value your life", but we figured the shorter version got the message across and is funny in its bluntness.)

All the rumors about Haru are great. Where do they come up with this stuff? The best part is that one of them was actually right. I especially wonder where that person got the information, because it might have been nice if they'd shared it with our heroes. I can't blame Shizuku for not getting Haru's voice mail, because I'm pretty illiterate when it comes to cell phones, too.

I think this review is going to be kind of disjointed but anyway, my other note is about love vs. like. We had Yamaken tell Shizuku "I love you" because that's the clearest way for him to get his message across (and it may have been influenced a little by the title "Say I Love You"). But then we have him revert to "like" instead, because he's still an awkward teenager, especially when it comes to being honest about his feelings. And we feel the need to justify it every time we choose like instead of love, because someone once told us we chose wrong.

We could really relate to Shizuku's feelings about frappuccinos, because we feel similarly about Ghirardelli chocolate milkshakes. I already wrote about that.

Art class! Did everybody notice Shizuku's and Sasayan's drawings? They're awesome.

And Athena was just flipping through the book for reminders about what happened, and got to page 95--the page where Haru tries to make it easier on Shizuku, who apparently doesn't want to see his face. Oh man, it makes me laugh every time.

And everyone in school was eating nori! Even Shizuku before she talked to Haru!

Haru and Sasayan's talk about Asako was great, too. "I was worried I was gonna have to support her for the rest of my life."

And then there's Yamaken. I'm so glad he didn't just give up. Not that I want him to end up with Shizuku, just that I really enjoy watching the drama play out. He did confuse us, though, when he was reviewing his conversation on the way to the bus stop. He said he didn't go to see Shizuku to talk about that, or so we thought, but then why was he waiting for her at her school? They also say multiple times that he's the opposite of honest about his feelings, but...the point is we don't know what he was talking about at the bus stop when he apparently said "I didn't come here to talk about that." [Added to clarify: We don't remember because we translated this book in August, apparently, but we're pretty sure that he was saying he didn't go there to try and win Shizuku's love, but then we don't know why he was there in the first place, since that's exactly what he ended up doing. Maybe he didn't know?]

That must have been really hard for Yamaken to have Shizuku reject him when she had her hair down like he always wanted her to do. Her hair seems to have a lot of significance somehow...but then again, George's hair had a lot of significance to Haru a few volumes back, so maybe Robico just likes playing with hair.

I think that about covers it. If there's anything else you want to talk about, please mention it in the comments!

Wow, that was kind of disjointed. And now I'm kind of lost as to what all we need to review next. I think it's Chaika and Say I Love You... We're going to have to check to make sure we didn't miss any releases.

Today I'm thankful for meeting today's work quota, Page loving her relocated window perch (or at least being interested enough in it to hop on it more than once without any prompting), having plans to practice for the Christmas party tonight, not having to work overtime today, and the chocolate peppermint cookies we baked on Monday.
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