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After we finished work last night, we had an extracurricular activity (preparing for the ward Christmas party) that took up all the rest of our time until bedtime. It was tough, but I was happy to get it done, and happier that we would probably have the evening tonight to do some of our recreational things, like watching Sailor Moon and playing video games.

Then we checked email this morning. This same project! The legal stuff I keep mentioning. The one where we said we were busy and can only work for you at double the price this month. Apparently double our regular rate isn't high enough. I knew our rates were ridiculously low for this kind of work, but seriously!? We're just trying to be optimistic that it won't take all night.

In the meantime, I still want to talk about Disneyland!

Actually, I don't think there was a whole lot of note. We ran into the person who put us in the Halloween parade and discussed costumes a bit. We went to see the Viva Navidad festivities, which were pretty much the same as last year. This time, we tried the bunuelos (there should be a tilde (the little squiggly line) over that N), which are pretty much flour tortillas cooked into kind of a crispy chip, and covered in cinnamon and sugar. They were pretty tasty, but a little bit tricky to eat, because they're so flat and brittle.

But most importantly, we took Alice's parents to see Farley so we could act out the Twelve Days of Christmas again. This time, when we made our way to the cabin, he was calling a square dance! Alice and her mom joined in, and it was a lot of fun, especially because when a certain couple made it to the head of the double-rows, Farley changed the tune on his fiddle to "Here Comes the Bride", and the man in the couple got down on his knees and proposed. Awwwwwww!! It was the first... Shoot, I take that back. It was the second Disneyland proposal we'd ever witnessed. I'm going to be in trouble for forgetting the first one, because it was when our brother-in-law proposed to our sister, but he was really shy and discreet about it, and we were watching Fantasmic! at the time, so we were a little distracted. Anyway, this second one was the first "fancy" Disneyland proposal we'd witnessed. There was crying and hugging and picture taking and it was all very lovely.

But then Farley had to run off because his set time was over. So we went on Hyperspace Mountain again and came back later. And now I will describe the Twelve Days of Christmas actions, because I'm in denial about work. Starting with twelve:

Twelve drummers drumming: we all use whatever surface we can as drums while Farley fiddled something appropriate that neither of us remembers.
Eleven pipers piping: We all pretend to play bagpipes while Farley fiddles Scotland the Brave.
Ten lords a-leaping: We all leap (what did you expect?) while Farley make leaping noises with the fiddle.
Nine ladies dancing: We all dance (of course) while Farley plays something that I think is disco-ish, but what do I know about modern music?
Eight maids a milking: We all pretend to milk cows while Farley makes the fiddle "moo".
Seven swans a-swimming: We all do the backstroke while Farley makes swimming (rowing? stroking?) sound effects with the fiddle.
Six geese a-laying: We all make "wings" with our arms, squat, and say, "HONK!"
Five golden rings: We all raise our arms like ballerinas and spin in a circle.
Four calling birds: We do the phone gesture and say, "Hello, hello? Can you hear me now?"
Three french hens: We pose with one hand to the forehead and one on a hip and say, "Ooh la la!"
Two turtle doves: We make cooing sounds.
And a partridge in a pear tree: We hold out our hands in a flapping position (not the same as the goose/chicken wings) and lift one foot and say, "Tweet."

Tadah! It's probably a lot better as a video or in person than described in text, but it's fun. After we all acted out the song, Farley still had some time, so we sang a bunch of songs. He has another game that involves singing "Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer" without adding the silly words like "Like a light bulb!" (which takes a surprising amount of restraint), and when he introduced it, we asked if we could sing it in Japanese. So we got to show off a little.

After that, we had to leave everyone to go to the Relief Society Christmas activity. One lady in our ward had arranged for speakers to play the parts of "the women who knew Baby Jesus," so there was Mary, Mary's mother, Joseph's mother, Elizabeth, the innkeeper's wife, and a shepherd's wife. When we saw "Joseph's mother" on the program (she was the second speaker, after Elizabeth), we were like, "Yeah, this is all speculation of the author, isn't it?" But it was kind of nice. Or I assume it was kind of nice. I had a hard time paying attention, because between each speaker, there was a song, and Athena and I were responsible for one of those songs, and we chose one with tricky accompaniment and I hadn't had time to practice. So I was distracted, and we were second to last. But all of the speakers had really nice costumes, so we might need to talk to the lady who made them...

That was followed by dinner, where we got to be social! And then we came home and tried to wait up for Gaston and Alice (who were still at Disneyland, naturally), so we watched a couple of episodes of anime. We knew that our beloved Yuuki Kaji was in Diabolik Lovers, so we tried two episodes of that (they're only half an episode long, though), and the way everything happened was like, "What? How in the heck does that lead to that!?" Athena decided it must all be a dream. It really had no discernible continuity, and that in itself makes me curious to watch more, in the hopes that maybe one day it will make sense. But we were falling asleep, so we had to try something else. Hulu suggested Inu x Boku, so we figured why not? So we watched that and it was actually fairly similar to Diabolik Lovers in the "Wha...?" factor, but I think the continuity made sense. On the other hand, what do I know? I was practically asleep the whole time. Also, it reminded us so much of First Love Monster that we had to look up the manga artist, because we were like, "Are you sure they're not the same person?" Athena's still not convinced.

After one episode of that, we decided our attempts to stay awake were futile, so we texted Gaston and Alice to let them know we'd be asleep and went off to bed, where we slept soundly until the next morning, even though, according to Alice, someone was playing an audiobook when they finally came in.

Whew. Next time, maybe I'll be able to tell about our berry farm adventures. (Looking at tomorrow's schedule, it's not promising.)

Today I'm thankful for meeting our original work goal for today, getting to try gingerbread popcorn (right, that's another thing worth note from our Disneyland trip; I think it was a little too strong), being on track for the Christmas party program to not be completely terrible, Page being willing to try the little fort we made for her (still doesn't seem to like it), and getting to try some new anime last week.
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