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You and what toaster?

Gah, I'm getting backed up with tags. I really need to learn to take care of them more quickly. And yet here I am, planning to put them off some more.

Tonight's Danny Phantom was really funny, but I'm still not sure if I think Jazz was being in character. Ah well. And we just found out that Danny Phantom got nominated for an Annie! Yay!!!

Lately, the Gunparade March obsession has kind of been standing in the corner trying not to be too conspicuous, but just conspicuous enough that we don't forget about it. It was really weird, because the day after we found out the disc 2 we had rented from Netflix wasn't working, we went online to see how cheap we could get it, and for some bizarre reason wasn't working, so I went to Rightstuf just to confirm that the box set was out, and, lo and behold, they were in the middle of a Media Blasters sale--40% off of all DVDs! Celeste IMed the next day or so, saying that Dad's...fiancee? I think...wanted info on what kind of stuff to get us for Christmas. We told her, and she said she relayed the information, and now all we can do is hope and pray.

At this point, I think I would be very happy if all we got for Christmas was the Gunparade March box set and someone to watch it with who will actually enjoy it. Though a Japanese PS2 would still be very nice.

And tomorrow we get to see the Kid Flash!!!! Assuming, of course, that TV Guide isn't lying to us. We'll find out tomorrow.

Tonight I'm thankful for wheat Chex, getting stuff turned in, excited emails from our boss, bells that jingle, and tinsel.
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