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Busy Sunday

Today was a busy Sunday as usual, and in addition to that, I had a headache, so any kind of thinking type situation was undesirable. But we didn't want to be completely absent, mostly because Athena wanted to point something out about the latest Noragami episode. Yukine was lying there on the floor, talking to Hiyori, and there beside him was a magazine. It was "From Ama"! They included it! Yay!

That is all.

Today I'm thankful for From Ama appearing in the Noragami anime (read Stray Stories to find out what that is!), the ibuprofen kicking in, my hand being mostly better even before that (my wrist still hurts if I bend it too far or put too much pressure on it, but the simple solution to that is to just not do those things), a girl from Primary helping us with our advent tree, and getting to try out our Heattech pajamas (so far they seem to be pretty much like regular pajamas).

Speaking of the advent tree, here's the story. Yesterday, we had some girls from the ward come over to practice a song for the Relief Society Christmas program we're having on Tuesday. While they were here, the middle girl noticed our advent tree, which is a miniature Christmas tree that's on a stand with 24 drawers in it. Each drawer has an ornament that you take out and hang on the tree, like an advent calendar. So the girl sees the tree and notices that, even though it was the fifth, the tree only had three ornaments on it. When she commented on it, Athena told her, "Yeah. I told you we were a couple days behind," (because Athena had told her), and so the girl says, "I'll help you." And then she put two more ornaments on the tree. Tadah! (This is the same girl that once gave us the advice, "Just don't marry any wackos.")
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