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Alethea & Athena
Lookin' on the bright side 
5th-Dec-2015 04:59 pm
The grumpiness over our loss of Fruits Basket is continuing. It's like, Fruits Basket was kind of our thing, like when we tell people we translation manga and we want to bring up something they'll recognize, it's number one on the list. (Noragami is the first thing we bring up, but if they don't recognize it, then we want to bring up something they'll recognize, so we bring up Fruits Basket.) And now our version will be superseded by another version, and it kinda bums us out. But then we realize that we wouldn't have gotten to translate it in the first place if anybody thought translation mattered anyway...and we get bummed out even more. But it was a good foothold into the industry, so we will always be grateful.

Anyway! Aside from that, today has been a really good day! ...Well, aside from that and getting my hand shut in a car door. More on that a little later. This month it's our ward's turn to clean the church building again, and we still don't find it to be that savory a task, but this month came with two advantages. First, we've adjusted our sleep schedule so that we didn't have to wake up extra early. And second, one our last day cleaning the building last quarter, a lady in our ward lectured us about how we really should have called to get a ride. So this time, we didn't have to walk! And to top it all off, she was even willing to stay in the parking lot and listen to her audio book while we did our grocery shopping. (There's always someone kind enough to offer us a ride home from building cleanup, but we always ask them to drop us off at the grocery store so we can do our weekly shopping.)

Best of all, when we got finished, she decided she needed donuts, so we went to the very nearby Winchell's and got a Winchell's dozen (fourteen donuts!), and she took two and gave us the rest. This was super awesome because we love donuts and don't get them nearly enough, but it's also a little tricky, because we're trying to count calories, and donuts are ridiculously high in calories, and now we have twelve of them. (Actually, now we have six. We've been replacing meals and snacks with them throughout the day.)

That was when I slammed my hand in the car door. We had gotten the donuts, and I was getting back in the car, and for some reason I was holding my hand up while I tried to get all the groceries and donuts situated. The heavy car door decided it was done being open and closed itself. On my hand. Fortunately, our ride was a nurse and was able to confirm that if I'd broken any bones, I would know. She recommended ibuprofen, and I thought, "Oh, it doesn't hurt that much, but that's a good reminder. We were running out of ibuprofen." My hand hurts worse now, but I'm still not planning to take any medicine unless it's really killing me after we do all our song practice. That's right, I had the foresight to hurt my hand right before all the Christmas events that require me to play the piano.

I'm mostly only complaining because I find the situation to be so amusing.

Anyway, after that it was time for our Plans. The Disney art gallery in Downtown Disney was having an autograph signing, and we wanted to go because one of the artists signing autographs was Claire Keane, the woman who did all of Rapunzel's art for Tangled. A painting by her is basically a painting by Rapunzel herself. So off we went to Downtown Disney, even though we're terrified of people and lately I'm even more terrified of dealing with artists whose work I like (more on that in a future post).

First stop: the Wonderground Gallery (at least I think that's what it's called; #toolazytoGoogleit), to ask a cast member how all it was supposed to work. The event was to commemorate the release of a book called Lovely: Ladies of Animation, so they had tables set out for each lady featured in the book: Lorelay Bove, Brittney Lee (only they might not have had a table for her because she wasn't able to make it (I say might not, because I don't remember if they had an empty table for her just in case)), Claire Keane, Lisa Keene, Victoria Ying, and Helen Chen. And you weren't allowed to bring your own stuff, so we couldn't bring our Rapunzel's Amazing Hair picture book even if we did know where it was (I have a vague idea of where it might be), but you could buy any of the art they had on sale at the gallery and get it signed. We went ahead and bought the book, because, since we stopped obsessing over Disney, we're not really familiar with most of the artists involved, and we figured why not get all their art and get it signed while we're at it?

So we got the book, and it cost less than we expected which was really nice, and then we very nervously got in line. All of the artists were very nice, although some of them were more outgoing than others, which we totally understand; it was just interesting that some of them made small talk and some of them just drew their sketch and signed their names, and we were like, "Yup, we would be the latter." But the important thing is they each drew a sketch! And Claire Keane's sketch was so very Rapunzel, which is the main thing I wanted of all the things I wanted (other than to magically become friends with all of them), so it would have been a very nice experience overall even without the brief conversations we had with some of the artists. We should have talked to Helen Chen more, because when we skimmed the book, she had a whole section on the Monkey King, and a bunch of pictures that clearly used screentone. She is obviously a manga fan, and we could have used that as a point for conversation, and we didn't. I'm just going to chalk that up to our natural shyness and shrug it off. (We did end up talking to her more than the others, though, because she has a twin, too!)

After that, we wandered around Downtown Disney to see if we could get any Christmas shopping done. We should have known ourselves well enough to realize that the answer was no. (We always have to look at all our options before we make any decisions.) But we did buy another Tsum Tsum plush. They released a line of Tsum Tsums that are characters that look like ride vehicles. For Noragami reasons, we could not resist buying the one that looked like a Splash Mountain log, even though we refuse to ride Splash Mountain.

Finally, we stopped by the kiosk that sells macarons, because we always stop there. They had chocolate peppermint truffle macarons for the Christmas season, and they were delicious.

On the way home, we renewed our annual passports, then stopped at a drugstore to get some ibuprofen. We also got lemon-scented hand soap! I love lemon scent♥

Today I'm thankful for our friend driving us to and from church building cleanup, our friend also treating us to donuts, getting to go to the autograph signing and buy a lovely art book, getting all those lovely signatures (with a drawing by Rapunzel!!!), and an adorable Splash Mountain Tsum.
6th-Dec-2015 03:34 am (UTC) - Re: Fruits Basket
Nope, they're doing a whole new translation which is not going to be written by us. It's a bummer because we wanted to fix our translation, since we've grown so much since we first translated it, but we're getting over it.
6th-Dec-2015 09:17 pm (UTC) - Re: Fruits Basket
Don't worry; they'll probably still use name honorifics.
6th-Dec-2015 01:10 am (UTC)
Aww, Noragami reasons! The best reasons♥ And yay for art and artists! I don't think I could manage much small-talk if I was drawing and signing either, not only because of natural tendencies toward quietness but because I don't think I can juggle those two tasks at the same time, and I get stressed out enough just trying not to hold up a line of people. (I've had a little experience with this when I joined the authors of that book series I illustrated for their school/library presentations.) Maybe it gets easier or more automatic (the drawing/signing part) with lots of practice.

Your poor hand!! I hope it feels better soon!
6th-Dec-2015 03:39 am (UTC)
They are the best reasons, aren't they? We have wonderful photo plans for the Tsum. Oh my gosh, stress at holding up the line! That was part of what had me so paranoid about the whole thing! And then we had to go and decide that, instead of getting the two-page spread that had photos of all of them signed like everybody else, we wanted to get each of them to sign the first page in their art section, which meant stopping to find the right page between each artist. Helen Chen (she was first in line) saw us doing it and observed, "Oh yeah, they should have seated us in order!" (which they mostly did; she was the only one that was out of order). And then Athena tells us that the guy behind us used our idea, too, which she knows because she heard one of the artists say, "I'm after her..." and because she looked.

Thanks! The pain is coming and going. If it's still bad after a good night's sleep, I'll take some medicine tomorrow.
6th-Dec-2015 02:12 am (UTC)
Oh, your poor hand! I cringed just hearing about it. I hope it gets better really soon, although I do think these things take more time than we'd like.

I'm sorry you were not asked to do the new translation of Fruits Basket, and offended on your behalf, since you did such a wonderful job on the TokyoPop edition. I have no knowledge of how the manga industry works, but do certain companies use their "own" translators? That would be the only reason that would make sense to me at all :(
6th-Dec-2015 03:46 am (UTC)
Thanks for the support! Thankfully this one definitely one of the lower impact car door incidents. I don't even have any bruising (yet?). As stated above, the pain still comes and goes, but if it's still bad after a good night's sleep, I'll take our nurse's advice and take some medicine.

Aww, thanks for being offended on our behalf! We do work for Yen Press, but we're certain the decision was not a deliberate rejection of us and our work. We've heard rumors about reasons, but we're not in a place to disclose them; just rest assured that we're feeling okay about it. We're just a little bit bummed out about our legacy going away, but on the other hand, it really needed to be fixed. We just wanted to be the ones to fix it, is all. But sometimes that's just how it is, so we let ourselves be sad and then we move one. (We think mostly we just wanted some sympathy, so we're very, very thankful for your comment! *hugs*)
6th-Dec-2015 03:55 am (UTC)
Ouch, your poor hand. I hope it gets better soon.
6th-Dec-2015 09:18 pm (UTC)
Thanks! It is feeling better today, but I woke up with a headache. ):
6th-Dec-2015 10:35 pm (UTC)
I hope your headache goes away and nothing else follows!
7th-Dec-2015 03:07 am (UTC)
Aww, thanks! I took some ibuprofen, and I'm doing much better now.
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