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Kid Flash!!!!♥♥♥♥♥

It's very refreshing to be able to translate forty-three pages in an hour and a half. That's why we like Ai Yori Aoshi. But now I feel really bad for Tina. And for Kaoru. Aww. Poor Tina and Kaoru. Actually, we can both relate a lot to Tina, which seems kind of weird. Neither of us really thought we were anything like Tina. Except for the liking animals.

Oh! And it took about a million tries, but we finally found out what the promise to Aoi was, so I'm satisfied. Interestingly, after getting the bad ending nine-hundred-ninety-nine thousand nine-hundred-ninety-eight times, we got the Tina ending before we got the Aoi ending. I wonder if that means anything.

And watching Smallville tonight reminded us of Kid Flash! (I always have to say his name with an exclamation point. Kid Flash!) We're definitely going to have to watch that episode when they show it again on Saturday. Check your local listings! Ooooh! I'm excited just thinking about it! Oh my goodness, he's adorable!♥♥♥

Tonight I'm thankful for Michael Rosenbaum, amusing typos (by which I mean typos that I make which amuse us both before I go to fix them; other typos make me sad), Teen Titans reruns, manga that's easy to translate, and TV kisses that do not involve face-eating.
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