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Noragami volume 8

It's finally time! Time to post the review of our favorite book ever! (I say that about all the Noragamis.) Hopefully the review stands up to my memory of how much fun it was. Let's find out!

Oh my goodness, this volume. This volume. ...And I'm not just stalling while I switch back into Noragami mode after working on My Monster Secret. Okay, I'm sort of stalling, but the first sentence is totally sincere. This volume, or rather, Chapter 30, was an emotional roller coaster for us. It was so intense!

I mean, it was Disneyland! Technically it was Capyper Land, but we all know it was really Disneyland. And you could tell that Adachitoka are fans, because so many of the things the group did matched so many of the things you really do at Disneyland! You may have noticed that we took the liberty of indulging in a bit of know-it-all-ness as far as Disneyland popcorn is concerned and wrote a note about it.

But most importantly! Splash Mountain! I mean, we would never go on Splash Mountain if we could avoid it, but the photo! They posed for a photo!! With a chess board! [And you know they went out and got a special chessboard just for this kind of posing, because there's no way the pieces would stay on a regular chessboard while falling down a waterfall at that incline.] And even though only three of them could do the chess thing, everyone except the new kid was doing something! Oh, it warmed our annual passholder hearts, and reminded us of the days we would go with our family and friend whose mom was an imagineer. He even did the thing where you get out the guidemap and read it like a newspaper! (Only this was back in 1998 or 2000, so it was before it was cool. Or maybe it wasn't, but it was before everybody knew it was cool because it wasn't all over the internet.)

And our dear little sister Sarah once posed with her cell phone. ...Wait, maybe she didn't have a phone, but she had shades and looked very businesslike. We would have been Koto in that scenario, but the whole thing had us going, "Kokoro no tomo yo! (O friends of my heart!)" We don't pose for Space Mountain photos when we go with Gaston. All our friends who think of good poses don't go to Disneyland with us these days.

But anyway! in the cover flap, Adachitoka talked about going to voice recordings for the anime, so it was pretty easy to imagine a scenario where Adachitoka and Hiroshi Kamiya and Yuuki Kaji and the rest went to Disneyland together and posed just like that! Oooohhh, I want to go with them!!!!

So we were all squeeful and happy about Disneyland, but! but Koto! And Yato! And Koto! And Hiyori! And oooohhhhh noooooooooo!!!! But Koto is so cute and so happy that Hiyori will go take a picture with Capyper with him and so cute that we WANT things to work out for him, but not at the expense of Yukine Yato!! (<--The strike-through is not to say we prefer Yukine and Hiyori as a couple, but to say that we don't want to lose contact with our favorite character because Hiyori is off hanging out with a different boy, even if that boy is super adorable, and of course we don't want Yato to have to suffer, either.)

As a side note, there was a booth at Anime Expo selling capybara plushes, and we saw them and thought they were cute and all, and Athena was like, "There was some anime with a capybara in it...was it Noragami? Maybe we should get one. Oh well." But after translating that volume, our feelings about our failure to procure a capybara plush can probably be best described with a speech bubble full of squiggly doodly lines. You know the ones, where the manga artist just went crazy with drawing a kind of smoky circly thing.

Anyway, back to Koto. I've made a few wrong predictions about Noragami so far, so what's to stop me from making another one, right? There's already evidence to the contrary in that Koto had a thought bubble with the faces of his niece(s) and nephew(s) (he cares about his sister's kids, just like we do!! awwwwwwwww!!!), but I'm still keeping an open mind to the possibility that he's somehow related to Yato's father. It just seems a little too convenient that he's making Hiyori forget Yato just when Yato's father has grounded him for making too many friends. And the previous volume did just introduce the concept of divine possession... And! the title of Chapter 31 (Like Parent, Like Child) was printed right across his face! (Not really right across his face. Right next to his face.)

And it's theories like that that lead to translating a line to, "Speak of the devil..." (in reference to Yama's new boyfriend) and replying out loud to the line with, "No! The devil is Koto!" Even though they didn't actually say the word devil in Japanese anyway.

But he's so cute and sad that Hiyori is avoiding him and wiping off her mouth whenever she sees him! And that kiss was so cute and innocent(-looking)!

Oh, but when she met up with Yukine again and finally managed to recognize him, it was such a relief! We were so worried (I mean, we know everything's going to work out in the end, but). But it was so scary, because Yato's over there in Yomi trying to get back to Nakatsukuni as soon as he can, and the whole time Hiyori's over at Disneyland Capyper Land FORGETTING ALL ABOUT HIM!!! So it was nice to know that Yato has more time.

As for Yato, man his day job. Or would it be his night job? I don't know, the one where he works with the stray. (Athena says probably his day job, because it's the one that keeps him alive while he's trying to get his other job to take off.) It seemed pretty bad when it was about revenge, but then when it was a serial killer who nobody had discovered yet, it was like, "Well, somebody has to take care of it..." Anyway, Yato seems to be pretty serious about the, "It better be a legit bad guy!" thing, so that makes us wonder if there were times when his dad made him kill some not so bad guys.

And then! there was the thing where he said he just wanted to make his dad happy! (We had it as "someone" because he actually didn't say exactly who he wanted to make happy, so he wouldn't have said "him" or "my dad" to Ebisu, but the picture told us all who it was.) We're very curious to find out what the deal is with his dad, and I'm also a little curious to know if his dad is the one running all the Divine Councils.

Speaking of the Divine Council, there's the one goddess controlling(?) the kagome children. We didn't want to write a note about this in case it turned out to be wrong, but the fact that she seems to have taken in several children who died at a young age indicates that she is Jizo Bosatsu, the god who rescues dead children from Sai no Kawara, the Children's Limbo. There should be a note about that in Livingstone 1 which came out two weeks before this volume of Noragami, unless there was a delay or something. So we could explain it, or we could leave it unexplained as an added incentive to get you to read Livingstone. [Note: I don't think I mentioned this in the review to volume nine, and I don't think it's really a spoiler, more of clearing up a misunderstanding, but apparently the woman controlling the kagome children is actually a shinki. But she could be the shinki of Jizo Bosatsu.]

So anyway, this was a really great volume (except for a lack of Yukine). When volume one came out, we were searching for reviews, and we found one that annoyed us because it said it gets better with every volume. We were like, "We hope you're reading them legally in Japanese or something!" But the point is, whoever said that was right. It just keeps getting better!

Yeah, that was still a pretty fun review. Not as fun as the volume, I think, overall, but still fun. And we just finished our first draft of volume twelve, so oh my gosh, you guys, we are loving Noragami right now. It's gonna be hard waiting to post our review of Stray Stories, but it's nice to have something to look forward to.

Today I'm thankful for being surrounded by awesome Noragami, having chipmunk hats to help keep us warm in this cold weather (so it's 80 degrees outside... shh...), Capyper Land, getting to listen to Noragami songs while we work again, and the cute little advent Christmas tree a woman in our ward gave us a little while back (it's our first Christmas decoration in years!).
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