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Survey says...

We got a late start to work today because we got emailed a Disneyland survey. You all know I can't resist Disneyland surveys. This was another one about being an annual passholder, and I feel kind of bad because when it asked me to describe the passholder experience in one word, the best word that we could come up with was a Japanese one that can't be translated well in just one word, so we just went with it, and it wasn't until later that I realized that I probably could have at least described what it meant. I thought that might be the next question ("Why did you use the word [whatever word you used]?"). They had choices like fantastic, awesome, expensive, fun, etc., but none of those really describe how we feel. I almost went with "complicated", as in "it's complicated", but we weren't sure that would convey the right nuance.

What we wanted was a word that meant we used to like it a lot, but the way things have been going, we're liking it less and less, but there are still things we like and things we always have liked and lingering attachments, so we hate to just give up on the whole thing. And would you believe it, Japanese has a word for that? It's 未練がましい (mirengamashii), and it means pretty much what I just described. It's an adjective describing something that you just can't let go for whatever reason.

There were some other questions that I wished I'd answered better, so I wanted to reason it out here on LJ, but now I can't remember what they were, so you're all spared! Tadah! (Not that anyone would have been forced to read this silly entry anyway.) I do kind of wish I'd said somewhere that all I really want out of an annual passport is to be able to get into Disneyland, and to be able to enjoy my time there, which means quality entertainment, lines that aren't super long, and walkways that aren't jam-packed.

Oh, that was the other thing! I wanted to clarify something, because they asked how much I agreed with the statement that the 60th Anniversary celebration has created unforgettable memories. I sort of agreed with it, because we will never forget sitting in front of the castle, waiting for the parade and the fireworks, deciding it wasn't worth it, and then doing it again less than a week later because we had friends who hadn't seen them yet, and we think everybody should have the right to decide for themselves whether or not it's worth it. (I think the verdict is that nobody really cared that much except for Gaston, who always wants to see any fireworks from Main Street, but rarely enough to save seats that long.)

Haha, I guess you weren't spared after all.

Today I'm thankful for getting to make my voice heard in regards to Disneyland again (there were a lot more questions than just the one we answered in Japanese), imagining the reaction of whatever cast member gets to read our answer to that one question, a gift of butterflake rolls, making good enough progress on work today that we can stop now, and Page finally finding a place to settle down (our best guess is that she got tired of the heated cat bed and was searching all over our apartment for a warm (but not too warm) and comfortable place to sleep, but we couldn't understand her meows and just sat there saying, "I don't know what you want!").
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