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I'm so glad Uniqlo already shipped our Heattech order. I'm soooo coooooooold! (It's 65 degrees out. I know it's pathetic.)

Anyway, we had something to say about the latest episode of Noragami... What was it again? Right. You can't translate "fast ticket" to "fast pass" because Fastpass is trademarked. Of course, it's possible that they could get away with it anyway, by putting the space there (like why the Tinker Bell movies spell her name as two words; I seem to remember reading somewhere that that was for copyright reasons), or with fair use laws or something. But Tokyo Disneyland uses fastpasses just like American Disneyland, so there's a reason they're called fast tickets in Capyper Land. And why in the Say I Love You version they're called speed passes. But the sad thing is, that episode condensed all the super awesome Capyper Land stuff into just one episode, and took out all the best parts! There was no posing on the drop for Splash Slider! Why!? Whyyyyyyy!?

But enough about that. We talk aaaaalll about it in our review of Noragami 8, which review will be released on Wednesday. As for volume eight itself, it's in stores now! Pick yours up today! (Or, if you're not reading this until after the bookstore closed or on Sunday, pick yours up on Monday!)

Right, I had something else I've been wanting to talk about, too, and that! is UQ Holder!. The other day, we actually read a review of one of the print graphic novels, and we were like, "Whoa, people are actually reviewing the series." There is one blog that reviews it every week when a new chapter goes up on Crunchyroll, and we always go into it knowing someone (the reviewer, a commenter) is going to say something to make us sigh in exasperation, but we read it every week anyway because we're desperate for validation or something.

But the point is, everyone seems to hate the main character, Tota Konoe, except for some people who seem to be mostly indifferent, and that bums us out, because we think Tota is pretty awesome. So I wanted to come onto LJ and talk about what makes him a good main character, and not a stupid one.

First of all, Miyu Irino has a really great voice for Tota. (Bear with me; it will make sense later.) Miyu Irino's voice is made of sunshine, which is probably why they cast him as Apollo in a video game about mythological deities. And he would be perfect for Tota, because Tota is bright and sunny, but the greatest part about it is that Tota is a vampire. That's right, he's a bright sunny vampire who loves walking around in the sun.

Come to think of it, I guess I can see where that would make him annoying, since he defies your expectations in a neutral way, and if you like dark, brooding, angsty vampires, then you might hate him as a traitor. People do tend to dislike having their expectations betrayed, after all. But that's okay, because Tota being a vampire doesn't really come up all that much. At this point, it really just seems like the author's way of letting the audience know he's not going to die, or at least not without fighting some seriously skilled and knowledgeable bad guys.

But back to Tota's cheery disposition--it has a very important side effect, in that he's not jealous at all. In fact, he's constantly seeing other people do cool things and saying, "Whoa, that's awesome!" And he's not afraid to tell those people, either.

Here's an odd thing we've noticed about people: they're always trying to impress other people. And that's fine, but it's tricky, because everybody wants to be the one impressing everybody else. They don't want to be impressed by you. So the best way to impress people is to let them impress you, be a good audience. And that's what Tota does! He's always talking about all his friends and how awesome they are.

And speaking of Tota and his friends--he wants to be friends with everybody! And not in a "I wanna have a lot of friends so I can impress people with how popular I am" sort of way. He just genuinely likes everybody. That's really hard to do. But Kuromaru is a great example. (This is from chapter three, so it's kind of spoilerish, but it happens early on.) Kuromaru is a vampire hunter, so as soon as he realizes that Tota is a vampire, he's like, "Welp, I gotta kill you now." (Only Kuromaru doesn't talk like that at all.) So they start a battle and Tota's like, "Well, okay, I can fight you, but if I win you have to swear to be my BFF." And of course Tota wins because he's a shonen manga hero, and then! Kuromaru doesn't want to be friends with him, but Tota actually made him sign a contract. If you look at the Japanese version, you can see the handwriting on Kuromaru's signature looks like Tota was holding his hand and making him write it.

...So maybe Tota's a little overbearing, but it's revealed later that Kuromaru's actually more powerful than Tota generally, so if he really didn't want to sign the contract, he could have resisted more.

And anyway, I'm not always so good at talking about why I like stuff, but the point is, Tota is great!

Today I'm thankful for getting a shipping confirmation from Uniqlo, having time to practice the piano today, getting most of our to-do list done by now (we still have to exercise), getting to try new Townhouse Focaccia crackers (they're a little too intense), and Tota Konoe.
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