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Windows 10 and Black Friday

Today was marked by two important(?) events: Windows 10 and Black Friday. Neither of them were originally intentional.

The Windows 10 thing started weeks ago when we started seeing the little Windows 10 icon on the right side of our taskbar, just kind of sitting there, not trying to draw too much attention to itself, but saying very meekly, "Hey, just so you know, you can totally upgrade Windows for free!" I thought, "Aww, that's very nice of you," but I had seen Windows 8 and I wasn't entirely sure I could use Windows 10 without a touchscreen, so I didn't want to risk rendering our computer completely useless without doing more research. Haaaa ha ha! As if we have time for research. (Just kidding; we did, but obviously we were using it for more important things. Like Persona Q. Did you know that Persona Q takes approximately forever?)

Then the icon got to be more assertive. About once a day, I guess, it would have a little dialogue box pop-up to remind us that, just so you know, you can totally upgrade Windows for free. I would always calmly close the box and move on with my life.

Then there was Wednesday. On Wednesday, a big old window popped up and said, "Hey, are you ready to upgrade to Windows 10?" And it had two options: upgrade now, or upgrade later. I chose upgrade later and the window said, "Okay, great, I'll just start downloading!" Maybe I accidentally chose the wrong window, but I'm pretty sure I chose the one that said later. Now we'll never know. Fortunately, after it finished downloading, it gave me the option of not installing right away, but it wanted me to schedule a time when it could install. So I scheduled the installation for last night at a time when I was pretty sure we'd be done with everything, because I really didn't want to be in the middle of that contract and have all our files go poof. (Also part of why we made it a point to finish that installment of Fruits Basket Another.)

And now we have Windows 10, and so far it's pretty much just like Windows 7, only with different visuals, and I'm really glad I can use the mouse and everything is pretty much normal. Everything...with one very important exception. Minesweeper. Minesweeper does not come standard with Windows 10. This is pretty devastating, because that's usually what I do when I have a few minutes at the computer by myself, like when Athena's feeding the cat or something. Now when I have a few minutes, I sit at the computer and wish I could be playing Minesweeper. (Not entirely true; today, I've been tinkering with Windows 10 settings. Also, I used a few minutes to check the Windows App Store for a Minesweeper app and tadah! they have one. But it wants me to make an Xbox account of some sort and I'm not prepared to do that.)

So that was a bit of a shakeup, but it was overcome pretty easily. And then there was Black Friday.

Pretty much all of November, our Facebook feed has been filled with posts about which businesses are evil because they're calling in all their employees on Thanksgiving and which ones are super awesome because they're not taking part in the ridiculousness that is Black Friday. And we agreed with all these posts, because we always thought Black Friday was a silly little thing (I'll gladly pay full price if I don't have to get up before the sun), and I thought about how sad it is for people to have to spend time at the drudgery of a job (despite our plans to do just that, but our job isn't so much with the drudgery unless we have bad attitudes) when they could be enjoying some lovely time with family or friends. Plus, Thanksgiving is all about giving thanks and counting blessings, and Black Friday is like the epitome of materialism. Plus, we've just been reading Grandpa's book Approaching Zion, which is pretty much about stop being so greedy.

So basically we had zero intention to take part in any sort of shopping this week (aside from our usual grocery shopping), and we were pretty sure that would be doable, because we never leave our home. But then. Oh, then.

Then there was an email from Square-Enix, saying they were having a Black Friday-Cyber Monday sale with price cuts of up to 70% on select items! Normally we'd be like, "Eh, we already have all the Square-Enix games we want. We buy them all imported from Japan on the release day." But then we thought, "I wonder if one of the Akademeia pins would be one of those 'select items'." (When Final Fantasy Type-0 (or "our Final Fantasy", as we like to conceitedly call it) came out, they made gold Vermilion Bird pins like the students wear at Akademeia, and we want one very badly, but they cost $200 each.) And so we clicked over to the sale.

The pins weren't on sale, not even a little. But as we were browsing through the sale items, we saw a Playstation2 game that we had been wanting for a while, but when we first thought about buying it, it wasn't available at any of the places we looked. We thought it was out of print and lost forever, but now here it was! For only $6 (or $8, neither of us remembers for sure)! We HAD to buy it!

But it was Thursday, Thanksgiving Day! At the very least, we couldn't buy things on Thanksgiving Day itself. So we thought, "Some people make Black Friday a family thing anyway. So we'll buy it tomorrow, along with Lightning Returns and the English version of Kingdom Hearts I.5 ReMix, because Gaston and Alice will occasionally show interest in seeing this video game we seem to enjoy so much." And that was our plan, and this morning we set forth to carry it out!

...And the game was no longer available! What!? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

But we figured if we wanted to get those other games, when they're on deep discount is as good a time as any, so we bought them anyway. And we have hope, because the PS2 game was listed as "waiting list" and hadn't just disappeared like the Chrono Trigger DS game. We will keep checking the website to see if it comes back. In the meantime, when we closed the window in mild hope, we saw that the computer had chosen a Labyrinth of Grimm wallpaper. We felt like the universe was telling us we can't get that PS2 game because it might distract us from Labyrinth of Thumbelina, which we haven't played yet, because we're in the middle of Persona Q. Did you know that Persona Q takes approximately forever? It keeps making us think we're so close to the end and then taking 20 or so more hours.

So we wanted nothing more than to drop everything and play Persona Q and maybe get a little closer to the end (after an entire day of playing it), so that maybe someday we can play Labyrinth of Thumbelina and then we'll be cleared to get that PS2 game (plus we really want to play Thumbelina). But we were responsible and worked instead, and that's what led us to more shopping on this day, Black Friday.

One thing that does come standard on Windows 10 is a weather app, which has been telling us it's been about 60 degrees Fahrenheit all day. That's downright cold for us. My fingers were so stiff and unmoving (we have terrible circulation), and typing was nearly impossible! (I'm correcting typos at least every sentence as I write this.) So as soon as we finished work for the day, we headed straight to Uniqlo's website and ordered some Heattech pajamas! (They weren't on deep discount, just regular discount. But the same discount we've seen since we started gazing longingly at Heattech.)

It's funny because last winter was practically summer, but now we're soooo cold. Either the warm summer last year has our bodies fooled into thinking it's cold now even though it's not, or the universe was kind enough to hold off on the cold weather until My Little Monster told us there was such a magical thing as Heattech (we'll see how well it works). Or it's climate change.

Today I'm thankful for Windows 10 not destroying everything we've worked so hard for(?), finishing our first draft of Your Lie in April, having ordered some adorable Heattech pajamas (we ordered socks, too!), hope that we may one day be able to buy that game we've been wanting, and now having time to get back to Persona Q. Again.
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