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Alethea & Athena
Say I Love You 10 
25th-Nov-2015 04:46 pm
Dinner with the missionaries was lovely yesterday, and I think I would even like to write up a post about it, but today is Review Rednesday! So now, without further ado, I present our review of Say I Love You...*checks calendar* volume ten! Spoiler level: probably high.

Say I Love You 10. Longtime readers will not be surprised that we weren't exactly thrilled about certain developments in this volume. Of course we knew it would be coming eventually, and volume nine hinted at it, and now we're mostly just glad it's over with. Also, it was handled a lot less graphically than all the stuff with Aiko and Hayakawa, and we appreciated that. Not that we didn't want Mei and Yamato to ever have sex, just that we wanted them to get married first. We like chastity. And then they can have lots of kids, because I think Yamato would be a good dad.

One thing I really appreciated about this volume is that Daichi and Kyoko commented to each other about how ridiculous it is that they needed Mei to solve their problems for them. We're usually okay with ridiculousness in storytelling, but it sure helps a lot when the story is self-aware.

The pacing of this volume was really good, we think. Maybe we just like that it didn't take very long for us to translate. Because of weird scheduling around the time we translated it, we basically worked on it for four half-days. Working consecutive half-days drives us nuts, but we kept having other plans, and simulpub chapters and things coming up. And technically, the half-days weren't consecutive, because we took two days off from it, but all the days we worked on it were half-days.

But anyway, it was kind of nice to have the story told over several chapters, instead of cramming it all in to one. Hazuki-sensei said in the afterword that the theme of this volume was "thank you", and it really comes through. And I think probably a lot of people can relate to Mei as she realizes that wow, she's in a group of people, having fun, and that's okay, and the other people don't mind and stuff.

So we liked it overall (except for Certain Developments), but we have a hard time thinking of things to say about it except that WOW things in Japan are expensive. Six thousand yen for a cake!? What the heck!? At the same time we translated this, we were going to Disneyland to see all the 60th anniversary stuff, and they have some merchandise that seemed ridiculously expensive at the time we saw the price (a set of three boxes of chocolates for $65, for example, and they weren't even jumbo boxes), but then we saw the prices for stuff in this volume of manga. We've been noticing that Disneyland seems to be getting more and more of its merchandising ideas from Japan, which is fantastic because Japan has a ton of great Disney merchandise, but why must they price it so!?

Anyway. It's a sweet volume, mostly.

Today I'm thankful for being almost finished with that silly little extra project, having a lovely dinner with the missionaries last night, being done with our workout for the day, getting to review the gratitude volume of Say I Love You just in time for Thanksgiving, and getting more handbells yesterday.
27th-Nov-2015 01:15 am (UTC)
I got this volume yesterday and read it last night so I could not wait forever and ever to read your review and comment! Yay.

Yeah... It was inevitable but I did think it was handled well, considering. (I expected it to happen a lot sooner so at least they waited as long as they did?) By original serialization, they've been dating for like 5 years, so in real life they certainly could have (and I'm going to say they would've) gotten married in that time.

(Then this morning I read My Little Monster 11, which I also picked up yesterday. Good ol' Yu-chan :) )

Good point about the prices. I don't think the food I ate in Japan was that expensive... maybe they got two cakes, if they let Mei eat a whole one herself?? Maybe it's some super high-end shop? But ¥4200 for a pair of mittens is also a little ridiculous to me. These must be people of the Fashionable Set.

One thing that amused me was seeing the Land key again with the 20 on it, with the memory fresh in my mind of a book I'm lettering that has another "Land" celebrating what appears to be a 25th anniversary. (and now I'm back to real-life vs in-story time passage differences. I'd be interested in reading more manga that move their stories along in real-time. I liked that about the early Me & My Brothers volumes, even if the main reason for it seemed to be to get Sakura old enough to write a romance about ^^;; )

Happy Thanksgiving to you both! I'm thankful for your friendship, and your interesting and engaging livejournal posts and comments, and your delightful humour, and of course your always-excellent translation work, and much more :)
27th-Nov-2015 01:23 pm (UTC)
Yay, indeed. It really was a sweet volume, mostly. Agreed on the inevitability and the handling. It's true, it could have happened when they were staying in the hotel at Land, so I'm definitely glad it didn't happen there. And we also definitely agree that they probably would have been married in real-time by now...well, maybe not exactly by then, because they both have the hesitant wishy-washiness of teenagers, but they would be on their way.

(Aah, Yu-chan. She's the best. She almost had us going; we were worried. But we were also like, "No, this is a bonus chapter. It has to be a gag." Glad she didn't let us down!)

Yeah, we don't remember the food being that expensive, either, but then we mostly bought from convenience stores. But the churros were significantly less expensive there than at our Disneyland. They probably are from the Fashionable Set, as you say, especially Yamato's family.

Yes! We're glad that little detail is still showing up, since the whole idea of Land got drastically changed after the anime came out. But of course even better is that other book. Apparently all fictional Lands are five years younger than Tokyo Disneyland. (And that book has so many favorite things! Our review for it is much longer than this one.) (I wonder where to find series that move along in real-time...)

Happy Thanksgiving to you, too! Aww, you're making us all sentimental. We're very thankful for your friendship, too, and for your thoughtful comments, and that you're not afraid to ask us why when we're being inconsistent but you do it in a nice way, and your sense of humor is delightful as well. And we're thankful most of all that we have you as a friend to share our love of manga with. (Also, thanks for pointing us in the direction of Noragami!)
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