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Today we are in denial about work. We were hoping the little project that came up yesterday would only take an hour to translate, and then we could translate the latest installment of Fruits Basket Another, and then we could go to the store and get paper plates and plastic cups because we're having the missionaries over for dinner tonight, and then we could tidy up a little and everything would be all nice and happy. But more than two hours into this project, we weren't even halfway done, but we were too brain-tired to deal with it, so we went to lunch, then worked on Fruits Basket (finished a first draft, but some parts need tweaking), and then got ready for the missionaries.

Now we have ordered some pizzas and everything should be on the way (including the missionaries)! But we still have this project to deal with in the future, and we were planning to spend this week working on the next Your Lie in April. Wait, is there supposed to be a holiday this week? Just kidding, I totally know. But we're still planning to work. Only maybe not so diligently, but it depends on how things go with this silly little not-so-little project that we're working on.

Today I'm thankful for managing to get most of the things done today that we want to get done (we'll probably finish up that FB translation after the missionaries leave...or tomorrow when we're in denial about work again), getting to look forward to a lovely visit from the missionaries, our table being less cluttered than it's been in months, getting more handbells in the mail (and even more should be arriving before eight), and Thin Mint Crunch bars being on sale.
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