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We're free, we're free!!

Ah, I'm just kidding. We finished CLAMP no Kiseki, so now we can finally go back to some manga. It took longer than we thought it would, but due to some crazy (and fruitless) research, we ended up at the Ai Yori Aoshi love sim at the Young Animal website. I only played through it once, but I made Aoi cry, so now we're going to have to do it again. I mean, yes, Aoi seemed like a crazy stalker at the beginning of the series, but now that we've seen Shuffle!, Aoi is like... um... something that seems much more sane than the girls in Shuffle!. Anyway, it would make me sad if Kaoru ends up with anyone but Aoi. Sorry, Tina.

Tonight I'm thankful for diversions, Flash animation, stoves, spreadable butter, and animal cookies.

Now to remember what that promise I made to Aoi was...
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