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Party time?

Today is a really weird day because of other people organizing stuff. Disneyland does a thing where every...I don't know, few months? They contact all the people whose annual passports are about to expire and invites them to an annual passport anniversary party. The party for people who got their passes around the holiday season is tonight! And even though we have a lot of other things to deal with and it's cold, we want to go. So that's what we're going to do after lunch today.

In the meantime, of course the Noragami stage play is opening just days after we're set to leave Japan. There was talk of staying longer, but even if we had decided to do that, we would still be leaving right before the show opens. And we don't want to stay longer because we're concerned about Page, and our mental and physical stamina will surely be completely depleted by then anyway.

But speaking of Japan! I think most of you already know via Facebook, but we booked our hotel last night. This is getting to be really real. And after we posted about it on Facebook, our friend Kyoya commented and offered to show us around! He had been trying to convince us to go to Japan for years, but then we hadn't talked to him in a while, so I thought maybe he'd given up on us, but it turns out he hasn't!

It's just interesting to think about how this whole trip is becoming a reality, and it's due in large part to friends we met at Anime Expo. I was reflecting on it last night and listening to "Compass of Your Heart" in my head because we are so going on that ride again (the song is from Sindbad's Storybook Voyage at Tokyo DisneySea), and I decided to actually start paying attention to the lyrics right at the part that goes "osorezu susumeba tomodachi ga te o sashinobete kureru sa," which means "if you go forward without fear, friends will reach out to help." And then I felt a renewed gratitude for all the friends that have been placed in our path as we go throughout life, and for that song because it's an amazing song.

Today I'm very thankful for encouraging song lyrics, all the friends who reach out to help, annual passholder anniversary parties (even if they're held after park hours when it's cold), the perfect opportunity to go check out the Season of the Force, and the hope of getting to see Koto in the next episode of Noragami.
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