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Busy week ahead (so what else is new?)

Oh my gosh, you guys. Noragami is getting good. Also maybe a little like, "Oh shoot, we need to tell the readers this thing before we move on to this other thing!" So it gets a little episodic in this volume (eleven), but that's okay, because it's still Noragami and it's still fun. And I'll stop talking about it now, but man it's hard to think of much else.

This week is shaping up to be all Noragami all the time, except that that's kind of a total lie. I guess I just kind of block out all the extraneous things that are going to take up all our time, so I don't think about them and I think about the non-extraneous things instead, and that means Noragami. But man, this week. It was supposed to be a week of, "Aah, yes, now we can sit back and work slowly on things because we don't have a zillion impending deadlines." But then this Noragami deadline decided to be more impending than it was originally, and we have a Disneyland thing to go to, and our apartment management decided to do some minor renovations, which is nice and all but requires us to move our furniture (and boxes and boxes of unpacked stuff) out of the way, which of course takes time, and then we don't know how things are going to work out with people doing renovations in our apartment while we're supposed to be working and why couldn't the Disneyland thing be on the same day as the renovations aaaaaaaahhhh. (<--so exasperated by it all that I don't have the energy to yell)

Ergo, so much for a laid back week. I don't know if we're ever going to get a laid back week ever again. I hope we do. Oh goodness, I hope we do.

Anyway, a thought just popped into my head reminding me of the American Girl buy a doll give a doll campaign, in which if you buy an American Girl doll, they claim they'll give one to a girl in need, and suddenly we're finding ourselves really wanting American Girl dolls. They have a new one from 1812, and one from the 1950s! But we couldn't figure out what time period the 1812 one was from because the doll description is useless and the book covers look like Harlequin romance only without the guys. And we've always been interested in Kaya, and the Josefina dolls are beautiful. But then I remember that there's a reason Mom is now in possession of all our family's American Girl dolls and I think we should save our money (for Japan!), but but but!

But we have Stuff to do, so we'd better at least go eat dinner.

Today I'm thankful for another fun volume of Noragami, opportunities to dream about buying American Girl dolls, having a Disneyland thing to go to, this week's episodes of SailorMoon SuperS having Helios, and Page once again beings super cute in her heated cat bed.
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