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This week has been a very interesting brand of hectic. We had two books due ASAP and one book due on Monday, and we were doing well enough that we might have been able to get it all done if not for the fact that everything else was happening. We had a chapter of Persona Q, we had a chapter of UQ Holder!, and just this morning we got another one of those little non-manga projects that come up and fortunately usually take less than an hour. And to top it all off, Gaston and Alice and an unspecified number of Alice's family are all going to Disneyland this weekend. Not just this weekend--Friday and Monday. And since these Disneyland trips lower productivity even when we're not at the park, there goes Friday and/or Monday.

That being the case, we emailed an editor and have gained an extension! Woohoo! ...But actually it was dangerous for two reasons. And I'm so mixed up I forgot what one of them was as I was typing that sentence. But one of them is that now that the pressure is off, focus has exploded into the opposite of focus. I think anyone watching as we tried to edit Devil Survivor during that last CD would have had a relatively entertaining show.

We did tell our editor that we could have Devil Survivor done by the end of the week, though, so we're still going to try to do that. This means we will not be spending the whole day at Disneyland tomorrow, but we were planning not to do that anyway. We're going to go for the first some-odd hours, then come home. We want to make a statement that we do not, in fact, enjoy going to Disneyland in the evening just to watch the fireworks. ...On the other hand, this plan may be foiled by the fact that they'll be watching Fantasmic! this time, and we're suckers for Fantasmic!. It would also be a good opportunity to see the fireworks from the third and final "good viewing spot"...although come to think of it, we want to see Fantasmic! again anyway before it goes on hiatus, so we could watch the fireworks from that area whenever we do that. So I guess we'll see how we're feeling. But we'll definitely come home in the middle of the day.

But more importantly, as we were editing My Little Monster a couple of days ago, we were having an exceedingly difficult time not letting internet ads distract us. We chalked it up to our already drained motivation levels, caused by the prospect of a nonstop workweek (which always increases our desire to do anything but work). But the point is Heattech. Actually Heattech was not originally presented to us through distraction. It was presented to us by legitimate work research, and then added to our cookies thereby becoming a major distraction. ...It didn't help that we shopped around, because we're going to Japan in January, and DisneySea is mandatory.

So what it is is a line of clothing from Uniqlo that is designed not just for good insulation, but to produce heat. It works by something involving technology. (You can see how much research we put into this, and how deeply we care about details right now.) But the best part is that it's also designed to not be bulky, and it looks like it's not too expensive! So one day, in the Mythical Time (maybe next week), when we feel like we have time for ANYTHING, we'll go online shopping for Heattech clothes. It's been getting down into the fifties lately, and we are downright chilly! (And to us, chilly is the rough equivalent of freezing.) So the idea of heated clothes sounds really good right now. Magical, even.

...And then in about February, eternal summer will return and we'll once again be asking ourselves why all our clothing is so hot.

And now it's off to dinner, after which we may or may not return to the grindstone.

Today I'm thankful for helpful hints about warm clothing, deadline extensions, getting our NatureBox a day earlier than expected so we don't have to worry about missing it while we're at Disneyland, it being time to watch Elementary, and it also being time for dinner.
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