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Your Lie in April volume 4

Our day just about got eaten away with busyness again, but we couldn't miss a Review Rednesday! Up this week...Your Lie in April? I'm not sure. Hold on, let me check.

Yes, Your Lie in April. Spoiler level: mild (plus speculation).

We better start writing this review before we completely forget that we even worked on this book. It's not even that we're super busy right now, just super distracted by less busy work and being sick and stuff.

But anyway, Your Lie in April volume four. Can I even remember what happened? Oh yes, Emi. (I had to think for a few seconds to remember her name. It's not that I don't like her, just that I'm not always good with names. There's so much anime where we identify characters by their voice actor and not their name. It's sad.)

So we get a look at Kosei's past through Emi's eyes, and it's really cute. It's not really surprising that he got into music because he loved it, as opposed to because his mother made him (although of course there was probably some of that, too), because otherwise it wouldn't make sense that Kaori could pull him back, or that he had a job that involves music despite his disability. But it's still really cute to see. We suspect that Kaori saw that first performance, too, and maybe that's why she's so intent on getting Kosei back into music.

And of course, we still suspect that Kaori is dying, which we figure everybody else is suspecting, too, because the clues are not exactly subtle. (But they are brief, so maybe they get swallowed up in all the drama of the competition?)

Anyway, Emi's history is pretty cute, too. I don't think I have anything really to elaborate on that, but I do think it was cute.

Also, we still keep wanting to ask Kosei, "Have you considered therapy?" Although, come to think of it, I think music therapy is a thing, so I guess this will just be his unique brand of it.

Oh, right! There is one thing that really stood out, and that is how all the people in the audience are dressed. We keep noticing audience members wearing t-shirts and stuff, and we think that's fantastic! We took a music appreciation class in college, and it was taught by a clarinetist, and part of the class was about how to behave at a classical music concert/recital. You're supposed dress nice and be absolutely silent until the last note of the piece dies out. He said he knew a woman who was very proud of the way she glared at any premature clappers. And that's why we're happy to listen to classical music at home, but we're pretty much terrified of ever going to a concert. Way too much pressure, and those guys are jerks.

But then we have these classical music competitions in Japan (or in manga anyway), and there are plenty of people there in t-shirts. We're pretty sure they're okay with clapping at any time, too, because another time at college, we went to see a Bunraku troupe that was visiting from Japan, and they explained that in Japan, or at least in Bunraku, the practice is to applaud whenever you see something you like. So if there's no applause during the show, that's really sad and depressing. Of course, in the case of a concert, you want people to be able to hear the music, but I don't know. It's like cheering during a fireworks show (suddenly I wonder if the woman who glared at me one time while I was doing that was a classical musician...).

And the point is, classical music seems a little more accessible in Japan. Why do people have to put so many rules on everything?

Anyway, when I was in the middle of writing about the western rules of classical music concert-going, we got interrupted because our ride to an activity showed up, and now it's a few days later and I forgot everything else. What do you guys want to talk about about this volume?

Today I'm thankful for finishing our first draft of Devil Survivor today, having a more specific idea of what the plans are for this weekend, our Japan trip buddy not being too stressed out about booking a hotel right away, Page being super adorable at the top of our deskshelf, and having had a little bit of time for video games today.
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