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We're going on a trip!

We fully intended to update LJ earlier today. It was kind of amazing--we actually did manage to miraculously finish our second draft of My Little Monster today! And we only worked a little bit later than usual. We were planning to exercise, then update LiveJournal while the water boiled for our dinner, and then do laundry while we caught up on our TV shows.

What happened instead is that our friend with whom we're planning to go to Japan contacted us about making some solid plans, and so! we spent some time searching travel sites for airfare deals and now! dah da-da-DAAAAAH! We have tickets! Woohoo! This is a real thing now. We have tickets and we'd better use them!

Of course, very soon after the tickets were purchased, Page started looking at me lovingly, and now I'm all like, "No, we can't leave! We could never abandon Page like that!" Fortunately, we have at least three people in our ward who seem to be very fond of cats, one of whom even expressed a desire to meet her, and another of whom, upon finding out that we would be going to visit family for Christmas last year, asked, "Do you need someone to take care of your cat?" So we're pretty sure she will be well taken care of, but we have yet to actually introduce her to any of these people, and we haven't been able to get her to warm up to anyone other than ourselves.

...Although, come to think of it, we have heard a story about one time we were at Disneyland with Gaston, and Alice stayed in our apartment to do some online test she had to do for work, and Page walked in and let Alice pet her for a while. So considering that, it's not unthinkable that Page will not be left a hermit while we're away!

After we bought tickets, we made the mistake of eating dinner right before doing a deathful workout, and then we were too tired for laundry so we just watched TV for the rest of the night. There wasn't a new Castle, so we watched more Brothers Conflict instead. At least it's self-aware of its ridiculous premise. We didn't watch Seven Deadly Sins because we want to be able to marathon it like we did Elephant Princess and Durarara!!, but we won't have time to do that until after this weekend.

Today I'm thankful for miraculously finishing our second draft of My Little Monster, having plane tickets to Japan, knowing there are people in our ward who will probably be willing to take care of Page while we're on vacation, being done with that deathful workout for at least a couple of days, and getting my Hanon book in the mail (one day I'll have time to play with it).
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