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Tsum tsum tsum!

The first hurdle of the week has been cleared! We finished our first draft of My Little Monster and the last chapter of Persona Q: Side P3! And we didn't have to work overtime, either. Now if we can miraculously finish our second draft of My Little Monster in a day, we'll be in good shape for getting everything in on time. If not, we'll probably be emailing our Your Lie in April editor on Wednesday.

Meanwhile, Page was exploring this morning and discovered the shelf where we'd put our little Black Widow tsum...and immediately decided that she must vanquish it. I thought that was pretty fun, so after she vanquished it the first time, I put it back on the shelf a few times so she could vanquish it until she was tired of it. And that adds up to us saying, "You know, if Page loves tsums as much as we do, maybe we should get a subscription."

See, Disney started another evil genius marketing scheme (which very well may have originated in Japan, where tsums come from), and is now offering a tsum subscription--two tsums a month! For those of you who have managed to remain unaware of Tsum Tsum, it started in Japan as either an app or a style of plush toy or both at once. This particular style makes them "stackable", which basically means they're designed to form a mountain of plush toys. This is somewhat problematic for us, because we love plush toys, and the idea of having a mountain of them sounds amazing. Like a big pile of autumn leaves, only about a million times better, because it would be soft and squishy, and much less likely to have spiders. (Actually, we're fans of spiders, but that doesn't mean we want to jump on them.)

So when we first saw ads for a subscription we were like, "!!!!" And we were sorely tempted to go sign up then and there! "We can cancel any time, right?" But knowing us, would we? It's a mountain (in the making) of plush toys! In a cute Japanese style! And Disney characters! It's all of our favorite things rolled into one! How can we not subscribe? ...By showing some self control and telling ourselves that we are not independently wealthy. It probably helps that the first set in the subscription comes with Oswald. Not that we don't like Oswald (we saw a few of his cartoons at Wednesdays with Walt), but mostly that we don't like Epic Mickey or the current Oswald fad. We're hipsters like that.

But then Page started playing with our Black Widow tsum, and now...

Fortunately, we have other things to distract us, like will we play more Persona Q tonight or watch Seven Deadly Sins? Only time will tell...

Today I'm thankful for at least being able to admire Tsum Tsum from afar (we used to play with the app until we decided it was a ridiculous waste of time, even though we love it), finishing our work quota for today, finally having the ability to watch Seven Deadly Sins legally (not that we watched it illegally, just that we had the ability), getting to watch the third Equestria Girls movie last night (it was fun!), and making it through the fourth labyrinth in Persona Q on Saturday.
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