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Busy times ahead

We opened up the Amazon package last night and discovered it did, indeed, contain our shiny new PS Vita. And it is very shiny. The back of the packaging for it says, "Greatness awaits." This makes us a little sad, because it's going to be waiting a very long time at the rate we're going. Three books due in a week and guests coming over the weekend add up to not very much time for video games. And to top it all off, Seven Deadly Sins will finally be on Netflix! Everything is happening this week! And we'll probably have a chapter of Persona Q in addition to UQ Holder.

...Yeah, we're probably going to have to ask for an extension. And that all being the case, I'm having the hardest time trying to decide whether or not I want to sweep and mop the floors. On the one hand, if I do it, we'll have nice clean floors and I can stop worrying about whether or not I should. On the other, that's less time for video games. We have a lot of hardwood flooring in our apartment, too.

I'll probably just do it when we're done updating.

What else did I have to talk about? Did I mention our plan to get hair accessories to help people tell us apart? Well, we did some online shopping and found some pretty good candidates. For Athena, we'll get some hair clips that are shaped like olive leafs! Get it? Because olives are a symbol of the Greek goddess of wisdom! They have some really nice ones on Amazon, too.

Mine was a little bit harder, because while there are some sources that talk about a Greek goddess named Alethea, there isn't anything about symbolism. Even if we could find something, it still might confuse people. What would confuse them less would be something obviously connected to the piano. Music in general won't work, because Athena does a lot of music direction in our ward. So I had to do a lot of searching, and it was really frustrating, because I couldn't find anything. I thought, "I bet Japan has something like what I'm looking for!" And finally, after figuring out just the right Google word combination, I found a pretty clip that looks like piano keys...and it's sold by Rakuten Global, which is a Japanese company. Japan never lets me down. (Here's what it looks like.)

(ETA: Japan let us down. That hair clip is sold out. Back to the drawing board, I guess.)

Today I'm thankful for finding shiny new hair accessories, having a PS Vita so we can play Labyrinth of Thumbelina eventually, Reese's Puffs Cereal being on sale, having a little bit of time to do chores today, and the neat little Halloween game that Google has going on (we always play as yellow because kitties).
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