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We're posting late today because we did something almost spontaneous! We actually planned to do it since Saturday. This is how spontaneous we are. Somebody asked to take a picture of us (on Saturday at the church Halloween party) in our Donald and Goofy costumes, and we thought, "People sure love us in these costumes! We should take them to Disneyland!" So we did. We had to make sure it was a day with a Mickey's Halloween Party, and we had to make sure Noragami wasn't eating our souls, and today those criteria were met. So we finished translating UQ Holder! (which took extra long, because not only were there extra pages, but they were very talkative extra pages), we changed into our costumes, and we went!

(I would like to take a break here to point out that after we went to Mickey's Halloween Party a week and a half ago, any time we saw any mention of Halloween, we were like, "But Halloween is over!" (Not because of any trying to get people to stop talking about it or anything, but out of genuine confusion because we already did all the Halloween stuff so, really, isn't it over now?) And now here we are taking advantage of the fact that it's not. Not only that, but whenever we would go through the wristband checkpoints (the places where they make sure you paid to come to the party before they let you in) every year at the parties, I'd be like, "Would I be dressed like this if I weren't attending the party?" And now today we deliberately went in costumes with no Halloween Party tickets. We're such rebels.)

Anyway, at first it was kind of boring, probably because we showed up at the very beginning of the three-hour window where partygoers are there at the same time as regular guests (us). And we couldn't just sit on a bench on Main Street (as advised by the woman who scanned our annual passes at the gate) because it was also time for the parade. Boo. So we went to Frontierland to buy ice cream. Rumor had it ice cream nachos were back in town, and we wanted some! This time, they didn't ask us what flavor ice cream we wanted, so we got the standard, which we now know is Neapolitan--one scoop of vanilla, one of strawberry, and one of chocolate. The significance of all this is that as we were eating the delicious chocolate ice cream, it occurred to me that the excellent Disneyland ice cream might be the source of magical awesomeness in the ridiculously overpriced Ghirardelli milkshakes. If that's true, we should be able to get equally delicious milkshakes that are not ridiculously overpriced, but merely overpriced. This will require further investigation.

After the ice cream, we sat on Main Street for a little while, and we did get to see some neat costumes. There was a couple dressed as Merlin and Mad Madam Mim, and they were so cute! I asked for their picture and they were like, "Nobody recognizes us," and I was like, "Duh, you're Merlin and Mad Madam Mim?" They had a child, too, but we don't think the kid was dressed up. They just pushed the stroller (slightly) out of the way for the picture. It would have been cute to dress him or her up as an owl or a sparrow, though. But the best part was that Merlin was wearing blue sneakers with bright orange stripes on them.

We decided to start wandering throughout the park, and we wandered to Small World to buy an outfit for our yet-to-be-born (we think) niece (she's due any day now), and we bought a blanket for ourselves. We love blankets to the point where we would collect them if it seemed at all practical, but it's perpetually summer here, so it really seems like a waste of money. But it's been cooling down of late, so we thought we might buy a new blanket anyway, since we had been wanting it.

Then I remembered something I wanted to buy in New Orleans Square, so we wandered that way, which was a really good idea, and something we should have done sooner, because of course all the people who know Kingdom Hearts are going to be in New Orleans Square. It seems so obvious now that we've been there. What I'm saying is, we hadn't been getting a lot of recognition, but when we got to New Orleans Square, we ran into a whole line of people who were all, "Yeah, Kingdom Hearts!" when they saw us. So now we were feeling better about everything, and then we noticed that our friends the Bootstrappers were doing a gig.

We were a little torn about it, because, since we are friends now (see our birthday post), we figured we should go say hi, but their performance venue was super small, so it would be nearly impossible to just pop over wave briefly and run away...and the fact that were friends now adds a little bit of social pressure. But they are our friends and we love hearing them (that whistle!), so we thought maybe we could just go hang out in the store next to where they were performing. So that's what we did! ...And then the power of their music was too strong; we had to go closer. And of course they recognized us! Yay! Aaaaaaaahhh! (I'm so conflicted!) But then I realized it really was a very low-pressure situation because hello, they can't talk--they're singing! And they had some really nice songs, and a rather haunting one about Davy Jones that I figured must be called "Forty Fathoms Deep", because that's the line they kept repeating over and over and over. And they taught us the one about whiskey, which we sang along with despite our non-drinking policies. (Athena said to herself, "We're talking about the Irish word for water, right?" (When we started learning Irish, we were highly amused to realize that the word for water sounds an awful lot like "whiskey".))

Our best pirate friend couldn't resist saying something to us, though (he's the one who does most of the talking to the guests), so he leaned over to me (as I was wearing my Goofy hat) and said, "You know there's a dog eating your head?" Fortunately, my experience with a Chip (of Chip and Dale fame) hat and another cast member prepared me for this situation, and I was able to act appropriately shocked. The bass player seemed to show extra recognition as well, and I'm not sure if it was because he recognized us or if it was because he recognized our costumes. I'd almost prefer the latter, but I'm happy either way.

The rest of the day was just wandering. There were some really fun family cosplay groups. Lots of Peter Pan groups and lots of Alice in Wonderland groups. The best of the latter was a family of three who were dressed as the Mad Hatter, the March Hare, and the Dormouse. There was also a mom and dad dressed as Ariel and Eric, and they dressed their little boy up as Scuttle! He had a snarfblatt around his neck! It was so cute!

And the trend continues of having little girls dress as princesses, their fathers dress as the corresponding prince, and the mother dressing as the villain. We want to say to all these people, "Think about the message you're sending your children!" On the other hand, it is pretty cute. Especially the group that was Snow White, the Prince, the Wicked Queen (old hag form), and the little baby as an apple♥♥♥

We also took advantage of Gaston not being around to *gasp!* wait in a line that was more than twenty minutes long. We went on Alice in Wonderland, and we loved it. Although I really want them to redo the rosebushes in the croquet scene, because they really don't look very good. But it's not like Disney is known for its art or anything.

Finally, it was getting close to time for them to kick out all the non-partygoers, so we left, but after we got out the gates, we stood around the entrance to see all the costumed partygoers arrive (the ones that weren't already inside the park). That's how we ran into a family that had the coolest costumes! The mom was in a generic (but pretty) medieval type dress, the father was in fringed leather and a coonskin cap, and the daughters were in a 60s style futuristic spacesuit and a safari outfit. They all had sashes that read Fantasyland, Frontierland, Tomorrowland, and Adventureland, respectively. Adventureland had a little snake in her breast pocket! It was awesome! They asked us to take their picture...and I ended up taking a bunch because the dad was being very particular about it, making sure all the costumes were visible and stuff. (They were nice about it, and I offered (I said, "I can't guarantee that I'll take a good picture, so if you need another one, I'm still here!"), so it was more amusing than anything else.)

All in all, we had a lovely time.

Today I'm thankful for a lovely laid back afternoon at Disneyland, people recognizing our costumes after all, getting to see more neat costumes, having an adorable new blanket, and getting to have ice cream nachos.
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