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O-oh the Wells Fargo Wagon is a-coming!

Today has been a day of packages! Actually, I think every single one of those packages was delivered, or supposed to be delivered before today, but we've been tracking our CD Japan order, and the tracking information said there was an attempted delivery that we had no knowledge of. This may not be the fault of the mail carrier, though, because they've been doing maintenance on the apartment next to ours, so there was a time last week when there may have been a knock on the door, but we figured it was probably just hammering. But we scheduled a redelivery, and all is well!

Also, since I didn't want the mail carrier to see our full mailbox and decide we weren't home, and therefore not really attempt to deliver our CD Japan package, I went out to the mailbox to collect the mail. That's where I found not one, but two small packages from various indie projects that we've supported through crowdfunding!

The first was from the Save the Artisans kimono fashion show project that we supported a few months ago, and it had three postcards that were prints of some lovely kirigami art with cute animals like frogs and koi. It also had two swatches of kimono fabric! Now we have to come up with something neat to do with it!

The other package was from Hullabaloo, an animated steampunk movie we supported over a year ago as our way of supporting hand-drawn animation. (The email updates have been thanking us for our patience.) It had a replica of a key that...might feature in the movie? I don't remember, but it looks really cool with a distressed bronze finish! And there were also a couple of little charms--a gear and a teacup. Now we just want them to finish the movie so we can see if it's any good! (The character designs are pretty cool, at least.)

Finally, we got our package from CD Japan, which has a Noragami OAD that we don't want to watch yet because it came with volume 11, which is farther than we've read in the manga, and a PSVita game that we don't want to play yet because...well of course we really do want to play it, but we have to get through Persona Q and Devil Survivor, and most of all, we need a PSVita. Steps have been taken in regard to the latter.

Speaking of Noragami, today has also been a day of Noragami. We're happy to report that we've finished our first draft of volume 10! We're not so happy to report that some of the gag manga at the end is going to be very very difficult. Stupid wordplay. Didn't we deal with that enough last week!?

We also watched episode four of the anime over the weekend! It's just as rushed as ever. Athena saw Yato and Yukine arrive in Takama-ga-hara and said, "I know exactly where this episode is going to end," and sure enough. Now in just four episodes, this new season has covered two volumes of manga! We think they rushed it because they wanted to get to the stuff that happens in volume nine. We'll see!

Today I'm thankful for getting lots of shiny packages in the mail, getting to read another great volume of Noragami, getting to talk to our sister on the phone, getting to get back to Elementary today, and getting lots of sleep last night.
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