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Alethea & Athena
The day of the program 
25th-Oct-2015 03:53 pm
The Primary Program is over, and it's like a weight has been lifted! Aaaaah... Now we just have to get ready for next year! In the meantime, I think our schedule is back to what it was originally planned to be, and since that involves Noragami, we're having a much easier time not being frustrated about it, even if we did have mild hopes of actually starting that book on Friday. But that's okay! because now we just have our regular things to worry about, instead of our regular things plus more things.

The Primary Program went well. Of course there were a few mistakes, like when one of the kids missed the memo about how if the cue card has a stop sign, you don't sing the chorus for that verse, and when the pianist was so nervous about her upcoming talk that she kept hitting the wrong notes. But overall the kids all did really well, or as well as you could expect from a bunch of barely unified children who had very little time to practice. We know some members of the congregation really loved it, though. Athena tells me one woman came up to her after and told her all about how much she loved it and how beautiful it was and how even the way Athena moved her hand as she directed the singing was full of love. Athena says her thoughts on that was, "I'm not entirely sure what that means, but I'll take it as a compliment!" And she was very flattered.

As the kids' reward for doing such a good job on the program, instead of having regular Sharing Time, we watched The Veggie Tales! Athena and I had never seen Veggie Tales before, so this was a new experience. The DVD that was brought had the stories of Daniel, David, and Esther, and when asked which story they wanted to watch, only one kid answered, so we went with her choice (this is why voting is important, kids!) and watched the Esther one. It was a lot of fun! So much more entertaining than that other Esther movie we watched. It had me thinking, too, because Esther is afraid to talk to the king because there was a very real danger that she would be executed if she did. These days, people (including and sometimes especially myself) are still afraid to talk to each other, even though that whole execution thing isn't really an issue anymore. Of course, with the internet, we do sometimes have the very real danger of social execution, so I guess it still makes sense, but any kind of execution seems pretty extreme for just saying something.

Anyway. After church we had a very interesting experience in that someone sought us out to talk to us. That isn't so unusual in and of itself, since a lot of people around here are familiar with our grandfather's work, but what made this one unusual is that he actually wanted to talk to us because of our work. His kids are really into manga, so he wanted to take our picture to show them for some reason. Apparently he sat next to somebody who told him we translate manga. Either that, or his kids actually pay attention to who translates their manga, which would be mind-blowing. But in our ward, we can totally see a scenario like this happening:

Guy visits our ward on Primary Program day, sees us both on the stand doing our music stuff, wearing cute matching dresses and looking very alike. He turns to the person he's sitting next to and asks, "So what, are they twins are something?" Our ward member says, "Yes, and do you know what they do for a living? It's the most interesting thing--they translate comic books!" And this is one of the many reasons we love our ward.

The alternative scenario is that he sat next to our former home teacher (who will soon be moving out of state), who is also into anime. In fact, before church today, he came up to us because he'd been going through his things and found an unopened CD set of music from 3x3 Eyes. I guess he figured if he hadn't listened to it yet, he wasn't going to listen to it, so he gave it to us! Yay!

Anyway. Our busy, stressful, hectic week has finally come to a close, and we're very tempted to have some dinner, watch a movie and go straight to bed, even though it's not yet four o'clock and we'd be in bed by six. ...Okay, maybe seven. Facebook. But we probably won't do that anyway, because I like to read Grandpa's books on Sundays.

Today I'm thankful for the Primary Program going well, having a good time at the Halloween party last night (someone even asked for our picture! someone always does when we wear our Kingdom Hearts costumes), getting to see Veggie Tales for the first time, not having to worry about the Primary Program this week (our first goal now that it's over is to inspire the kids to like singing; not quite sure how to do that, but we'll see what we can think of), and the prospect of a nice relaxing Sunday evening.
25th-Oct-2015 11:57 pm (UTC)
NEVER SEEN VEGGIE TALES WHAAAAAT. Okay, I know not everyone has the same growing up experiences and I was probably a little on the older side of the target group when the videos got popular (and you're a couple years older than me so)... Looking at the Wikipedia list and release years, I don't think I actually saw the Esther one; the last I remember was Madame Blueberry from 1998. They are pretty great though. Yay :D

Congrats on making it through the Primary Program! (and to all the kids too!)
26th-Oct-2015 12:18 am (UTC)
I know, right! We noticed some of the DVDs laying around in the homes of some children we babysat before we went off to college, and we had a friend in college who had seen them, so we had seen the Japanese version of "Where Is My Hairbrush?" (it was an Easter egg on one of the DVDs), and we'd heard "My Cheeseburger"...and we memorized a parody version of "Pirates Who Don't Do Anything" that was written about the characters in Weiss Kreuz. And for some reason, none of this inspired us to seek out the actual thing.

Anyway, the Esther one is pretty great. Probably my favorite portrayal of Mordecai that I've seen. Also, when she was hesitating about talking to the king, one of the kids in Athena's class was all, "Why doesn't she say anything? She should be brave and CTR!" This was especially awesome for us as teachers, because Athena teaches the CTR class, where the whole theme is to choose the right. It was like, "Yay, something's getting through!"

And thanks! It would have been fun if we hadn't been so nervous, I think.
26th-Oct-2015 12:27 am (UTC)
Ohhhh, that is so great and encouraging, seeing them make the connections between what you've been teaching and their own experiences! :D
26th-Oct-2015 01:09 pm (UTC)
I know, right? I just want to announce to the whole Primary, "You see, kids? This is why teacher's pet is a thing."
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