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Oh man, work was going okay today and then it wasn't. Like, it really really wasn't. Why? Because this stupid series has way too much fun with wordplay. And of course there are either whole strings of it that need to make sense or visuals. Ugh!

Basically what it all adds up to is that we're going to have to work tomorrow (or finish the translation on Monday and start Noragami even later than planned (which is already later than we hoped)). This is especially not awesome because we also have to go grocery shopping, attend the ward Halloween party, and write talks for the Primary Program on Sunday. It would have been nice to be a little less stressed for talk-writing, and now we're blaming all our problems on Virgos, because the two people who have taken up the most of our time right when we wanted more time to work (or rest up so work didn't make us angry) were born in early September. ...I think we'll get over it, but it's tough.

Anyway, last night we were planning to play some Persona Q after catching up on some of our TV, but Page preempted us and usurped Athena's gaming chair. So instead, we watched some anime! We had an episode of Attack on Titan Junior High that we hadn't watched yet (because FUNimation is being odd about its streaming schedule), and then we browsed Hulu to see what it recommended. We came across something where the title logo blended so well with the background that neither of us could read it in the thumbnail, so we decided to watch it! ...There was a little more to it than that. We clicked on it to see what it was, and it looked intriguing. And it was recommended because we watched Kamisama Kiss, so we thought it might be nice to watch some shoujo anime, and we did!

It was Brothers Conflict, and we're still not entirely sure what the deal is, because this girl is going to live with the fourteen brothers she didn't know she had. Was she adopted? I don't know if we missed that detail or if they haven't revealed it yet. There was a lot to take in, mostly because we were trying to identify all the voices and nobody spoke for very much at a time. Wataru didn't need to, though; we recognized him instantly and squealed in delight.

Anyway, what intrigues us the most about this series is that the two brothers featured in the promotional art are identical twins (who don't look any more alike than any of the other brothers), and they're voice actors. And we were like, "What! We used to aspire to be voice actors!" So it's relevant to our interests in more ways than one. Except that Wataru is not one of the twins. So we'll probably watch more of that this weekend, if we can find the time.

In the meantime, I'm a little bit worried about this translation we're supposed to be working on, because there's so much of it that's like, "Maybe we should look into that potential pop-culture reference more. *spends a few seconds on Google* Not finding anything. Let's just move on." But we don't know if that's just because there's nothing to find, or if we're just not trying hard enough. But we're running late and we're tired and we don't want to spend more time on Google! But it really did seem like there wasn't anything... I think...

Today I'm thankful for intriguing new anime, meeting our Plan B work quota for the day (Plan A was to finish it), the dodgeball episode of Attack on Titan Junior High, "murder" and "cinder" ending in the same three letters, and not having lunges in today's workout.
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