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Noragami volume 7

We're ba-ack! And tireder than ever! So much for our vacation. I have a new theory as to the cause of our burnout. I've known for a long time that when I'm sleep-deprived, I get mean, and I get angry easily. So what happens is, friends come over, we go to Disneyland, we use up all our energy and lose out on sleep. Then we go to work tired and more anger-prone, and then whenever we think of work, we subconsciously associate it with mean, angry emotions. We haven't had time to come up with a remedy for that yet, but I think it will have to do with singing or laughing. Just not sure how to fit those things into our schedule...which sounds very sad and pathetic.

Anyway. I was not nearly as braindead this morning as I was yesterday when we were trying to work on Persona Q, but now that we've been working again, I'm braindead again, which means too tired for posting about the Halloween party. And on top of that, it's Review Rednesdays, and we certainly do not want to miss out on that, because this week is Noragami! Spoiler alert level: moderate.

Oh my gosh, you guys, this volume of Noragami was SO HARD! It totally kicked our butts, it was awful. But it was also awesome. We loved everything that happened in it. Well, not everything (certain difficult to translate events come to mind), but it was a great volume. Super good. And Yukine is so adorable! He just gets better and better!

But more on our feelings later. First, we want to present you with a list of all the times our edit came to a screeching halt:

1)When Tenjin tells Hiyori she'd be better off with her ties to Yato cut.
2)When Yato is grumbling about Hiyori's encounter with the mystery bishounen.
3)Yato's 80s t-shirt.
4)The 4-letter words, especially the ones Yato used on Bishamon. It took us forever to confirm that what he said meant she's a nothing on her own.
5)The baby deer thing.
6)Bishamon and Kazuma discussing Ebisu.
7)Ebisu's stupid ayakashi naming scene, especially the "tsura-dzura" part.
8)Kazuma's spell lecture.

Okay, so that's really more for our own reference than anything else, but oy. And that's in addition to the normal Noragami difficulty level. The Divine Council scene slowed us down, for example, but it wasn't a screeching halt. Also, because we were so beat by this volume, we checked and found out it's the third wordiest of all our Noragami translations so far, beaten by volumes one and two. On the other hand, out of seven, three isn't really all that high.

But now that I'm done whining, let's talk about the fun stuff! Oh my goodness, this volume was full of fun stuff. First, we finally find out what happened after Yato started to cut Hiyori's ties to him, and oh man, I love how Adachitoka defies expectations. And that kid that caught her seems important. I think I saw him on the cover of a later volume. I could go check, but that would be a spoiler.

Speaking of covers, since we knew Hiyori was on the cover to this one, we knew there would at least be some followup on the tie cutting thing, but upon closer inspection, we noticed that the Hiyori on this cover had blue eyes (she normally has brown) and a little crown on her head, and we thought, "Yato is up to something." And sure enough! And we thought, "Oh, that would be so perfect to do for our Hiyori cosplay if only we had time to make her high school uniform!" But we didn't, because AX was less than a week away, and we had a zillion translations to do (a state that seems to never change...)

When we were looking up something during our edit, we discovered that the divine possession chapter has been animated! It was like an OAD or something that came with a special edition or something. We didn't look into the details, because the only thing that really matters is, is that episode available on US Netflix? We have yet to determine that, but I'm sure we'll get to it eventually. The only real bearing it has on our lives is that if American fans have already seen it, then doing a Hiyori/Yato cosplay would have already been relevant, and our justification that it'll be better next year anyway means nothing. Sigh.

Anyway, that chapter was great.

[Update: That episode is NOT available on US Netflix. It may or may not be the one we recently ordered from CD Japan. The package is on it's way to us now! ...Or lying around in a mail room in Los Angeles, as it has been since Sunday.]

Also great was everything Yukine did, because he's the best. Except for asking Kazuma to teach him about spells, because that scene was a nightmare to translate. We still don't know if we got it right, so we apologize to everyone! (I'm also afraid to look at the final results of Kazuma and Bishamon's discussion of Ebisu--it seems to be fine maybe, but could it be better? What should he really be saying? Did we manage to capture the nuance!? I don't know!!!! Also, the line where Tenjin tries to tell Hiyori that she does in fact want Yato to cut her ties with him.)

But anyway, Yukine was so cute and sincere about trying to be a better shinki, and he's just so lovable.

...And we just interrupted our reviewing to go tweak our script again. We don't have all the paperwork yet, so we haven't sent it in.

The whole thing about selling Yukine. Ebisu is...I think he's like an evil CEO or something. We discovered in our research for this volume that Ebisu has come to be kind of a patron god of business, which was a bit of a relief, because it means we can make him talk like a normal businessman. Well, that and the fact that he apparently gets replaced all the time. Anyway, we had fun using the word lucre. We just think it's a fun word for some reason.

The other gods at the Divine Council were tough, because they speak even more old-fashioned than Bishamon, so we were constantly worried about what we could do to replicate that, and whether this was going too far, or that wasn't going far enough. Nothing was jarring on the final read-through, so we probably didn't go too far, at least.

And Yato's shrine is so cute! That was really sweet, what Hiyori did, and how Yato reacted. Then there was the whole "Yato miracle" thing! We haven't entirely abandoned our theory about the stray being Toma, but this father thing is a bit of a mystery. Are they siblings? In that case, why would Yato be a god and the stray be a shinki? Veeeery interesting. Maybe the stray only calls the guy father because, as his shinki, she thinks of him as a father, but he's not actually Yato's father. In that case, I'm glad we didn't give in to the temptation to have her sometimes call him "your" father. Definitely interested in seeing how this unfolds.

Aaah, talking about Noragami makes everything better, even if it does make me tired.

Today I'm thankful for having a good time at Mickey's Halloween Party, getting to talk about Noragami some more (even if we're talking to ourselves), getting to have Hershey's chocolate mousse cake for a snack, Alice leaving us some of her treats that she doesn't like that much but that we like a lot, and the fact that for all its being hard to translate at least Noragami doesn't rely on wordplay jokes.
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