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A day...of adventure!

Today was a day of adventure! ...Sort of. First, we dove head-first into a den of temptation! We thought we could take it, that it would be no problem. But it was harder than we expected. We almost didn't make it out.

On Saturday, we were forced to realize that Kingdom Hearts [chi] takes up way too much of our time with exceedingly pointless...pointlessness. But we do love it so! Fortunately(?), this week they've been having problems with the server or something, so it's been pretty easy to stay away. But I guess they fixed it last night, because we got in with little difficulty. ...And then found out they'd started a new event! With shiny new rewards! (I have to keep reminding myself that digital rewards are not real; they're just a bunch of pixels. And if they ever stop service on that game, the rewards will disappear and what detriment will that have on my life? None. None whatsoever. ...But they were ever so shiny!)

So if we knew it was so dangerous, why did we even go to begin with? Well, a week or two ago, they added new story, and something somewhere seemed to imply that it was the end of the Daybreak Town story, and since Daybreak Town is the main world in Kingdom Hearts [chi], that means it's the end of the main story. And we didn't make it to the end, because there was a boss that was ridiculously hard, and we wanted to regroup with more powerful cards. And we had work that we wanted to finish so we could take our vacation. So today was the day, and we were ready!

...And it turned out if we had just tried a little tiny bit harder the first time we fought that boss, the battle would have ended and we would have made it to the end of the Daybreak Town story...which isn't really an end so much as a, "By the way, you might get more story if you start playing Unchained [chi]." Of course.

Our mission complete, we tore ourselves away from [chi] with specific instructions to ourselves to visit that site no more than once a day (but maybe once more today so we can still get those cards from the Mog Trade while they're still doing double experience; it's our vacation, so this is the one exception). And then we went on to our next mission: construction. Of a lamp!

When Mom visited us in April, she was very kind to buy us not one but two lamps. This is the first in a series of discovering that the best way for us to get more conveniences (lamps, fans...) is to have people visit who have less patience for discomfort than we do, and then they'll buy them for themselves. That being the case, after Mom was kind enough to buy us the lamps, she then left, leaving us no reason to assemble the lamps. We'd been getting on just fine without them, and the days were getting longer, so by the time we would have needed to turn on a lamp, all we'd want to do is watch TV and play video games anyway.

But Mom is visiting again tomorrow, and we thought, since she wanted the lamps enough to buy them, we should maybe assemble at least one of them. It took all of about ten minutes, which just goes to show where our priorities are as far as minor inconveniences--do we want to disrupt our schedule, or do we want to figure out how to deal with low lighting? Anyway, now we have a lamp in our living room. We don't know how well it works yet, because it hasn't gotten dark yet.

Finally, we realized we had just enough time before lunch to work on getting caught up on Tinker Bell movies. I think we've been thinking about them more because we've been watching Elementary, and Lucy Liu (Joan Watson) plays our favorite pixie, Silvermist. So now it was time to watch The Pirate Fairy!

...And anybody who's been following our reactions to most Disney things lately will probably not be surprised that we weren't really impressed. We had been told by Zarina cosplayers (encountered at Mickey's Halloween Party last year) that the Pirate Fairy was the best Tinker Bell movie, which was to be expected from someone specifically cosplaying a character from that movie. We still think The Lost Treasure is the best Tinker Bell movie, and if the Legend of the Neverbeast doesn't step up its game, we're really going to have to stop buying these things. We'll just watch them all on Netflix or something.

Anyway, the concept for the movie had promise, but it kind of drove us nuts at the beginning when Zarina was asking all these questions about Pixie Dust and Fairy Gary was just ignoring her. I'm like, "Duh, he's probably been a dust keeper for centuries; I'm sure he knows all the answers," but no, it was more like, "We don't Ask Why around here." Like when she asks, "Why is it exactly 26 specks of blue pixie dust?" Obviously they would have come up with that number based on years of practice and trial and error, so the answers would exist. It's like when you're baking a cake, and you ask, "Why exactly two eggs? Why not three? Or maybe one and a half?" It's not really important to know the answer in order to make the cake according to the recipe, but chances are if you ask an expert baker, they'll be able to tell you.

The journey got tedious as they tried to retrieve the blue pixie dust, too. It just got to a point, after so many failures, that I was like, "Why can't you just get it already?"

And the end. First of all, Zarina using her fancy alchemy to help fairies use talents that the audience already knew they had seems a little less than impressive. None of the audience knew their talents had been switched! For all they know, the colored pixie dust (which is another concept we're not thrilled with, but if they want to use it okay) just changes things' colors. And second of all, oh sure, Zarina, you go ahead and threaten the ENTIRE LIFESTYLE of everyone in Pixie Hollow, and don't you worry a thing about the consequences! I mean, I'm all for forgiveness, and we're sure she feels pretty bad about what she did, but she should, like, I don't know, offer to do something to make up for it.

And of course there's the whole thing about all these "empowered women" in movies always having the worst judgment ever. They make bad decisions, they're easily deceived by a guy with a pretty face, and they end up captured and in need of rescue. They seem to always have a good reputation for being strong women, but they also exactly fit the stereotype of "toxic Disney princess" (while none of the actual "toxic" Disney princesses really fit that type), and it drives us nuts.

On the other hand, Tom Hiddleston is adorable, and watching the bonus feature where they show him in the recording booth was such a treat.

Next on our list of adventures is retrieving the laundry! The thought of this adventure is slightly more annoying because we forgot to include the bathmat that has cockroach guts on it because someone has to kill on insects on sight. (That someone is (perhaps surprisingly) not the cat.) So now we're going to have to remember to include it some other time when we do laundry; we're not going to toss it in the washing machine all by itself because we're in the middle of a drought here in California. And we're lazy.

Today I'm thankful for having a neat new lamp set up, thoughts of having more free time when we honestly for real this time cut back on Kingdom Hearts [chi], the adorableness of Tom Hiddleston, Silvermist still being pretty great, and the beautiful costumes for the yochisha in Kingdom Hearts [chi].
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