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Alethea & Athena
My Little Monster volume 10 
14th-Oct-2015 04:04 pm
It's Wednesday, and you know what that means! Review Rednesday! This week was a little unusual for us in that we actually had to do some poking around the internet to remind ourselves what all we translated that got released since the last time we had a clear idea. I don't know what happened; we've been so good at keeping track until now. And thus it becomes apparent that it would probably be a good idea to start writing down a review posting schedule. Hmmm.

Anyway, Noragami came out just yesterday! The pink one! And it's really good! But! My Little Monster came out two weeks before that, so it gets to go first in review order, even though we're pretty sure the only person we know who reads these and cares about Noragami spoilers is the letterer and therefore has already read it. And besides, just because we love Noragami more than just about anything doesn't mean we want to slight My Little Monster. So here we go! Spoiler level: mild? moderate? somewhere inbetween? Spoilers get mentioned, but very vaguely.

My Little Monster volume 10

We just finished our translation of My Little Monster 10, and oh, it's so bittersweet! I was so happy when Shizuku said at the end that she was going to talk to Haru about what went wrong...and so sad when it turned out she couldn't. But it's really nice to see characters being assertive about their problems. Not that I can blame Haru for running away, either. I think the whole point of this series is that everyone has a lot of complex emotions and desires that they're trying to figure out.

Yuzan was pretty great in this volume. We usually hate him not because he's especially despicable, but because he makes us so hungry, carrying delicious-looking sweets everywhere he goes! Oh! And there was a very brief mention of a character whose gender remained unspecified (Shinjo), so we risked checking Wikipedia to see if we could find some mention of him/her, and that's how we stumbled upon the CD drama cast. Can you guess who played Yuzan? I always knew I had a special fondness for him, despite how much I hate him for making me hungry.

We never did find out much more about Shinjo. S/he wasn't mentioned on Wikipedia, so we did a quick Google check and managed to find out that this person no longer plays baseball, which was enough to make us think Shinjo is probably male... Anyway, we suspect it's the person that was getting beat up that Sasayan didn't go help. That flashback was in this volume, too, soon after some of his old friends conveniently mentioned that his hair was shorter in junior high (and that there was a person named Shinjo). I was a little sad that Sasayan never got to introduce his old team to Haru (at least, we assume that's who he wanted to introduce his old team to). Maybe he did, and we'll see that scene when it's flashed back to later on.

Now, a story about butterflies. A few weeks ago (as of this writing (May 12)), we were at Disneyland, and we saw a butterfly. Our friend commented on it, calling it by a name that I don't remember. I remarked that I had heard it called a cabbage butterfly. Our friend said that didn't make any sense, because he didn't see it on any cabbage. This claim could not be verified, because while there is cabbage at Disneyland, there wasn't any in that particular group of vegetation. But I wasn't sure of the credibility of my source anyway, so I let it go and stopped thinking about it.

Until! we got to this volume of My Little Monster and Haru was talking about butterfly migration paths. There was one called a kuromonshiro, which, based on later investigation, we figure means "black-marked white". We weren't able to track it down on Wikipedia until we shortened it to monshiro (marked white), and the article had a picture of a butterfly that looked remarkably like a the one we had seen at Disneyland so recently. So we clicked on the link to go to the English article, and what do you think is one of the more common names for that butterfly? You guessed it: cabbage butterfly. But it also had a bunch of other common names, so there is a possibility that we were both right.

Anyway, the love between Yuzan and Haru was so sweet. We recently translated the last half of the Big Hero 6 manga, and oh my goodness the similarities. It's like if Tadashi and Hiro's parents were just terrible people instead of dead. I thought it was especially interesting that apparently part of Yamaken's fear of Yuzan comes from Yuzan protecting Haru. It probably also comes from all the nurses liking him better, but anyway, it was just so unexpected based on Yuzan and Haru's current relationship.

And speaking of Haru's family! I was really disappointed in Shizuku for becoming a fan of his father. Athena doesn't think she was. She thinks that the woman in the picture was Shizuku's mother, and that's the real reason Shizuku put the article in her scrapbook. Only future volumes will tell...

And then there's Sasayan and Asako. They weren't in this volume very much, but they were so cute when they were! We don't have a whole lot more to say about that, but we wanted to mention it.

Today I'm thankful for our publishers recently revamping their websites to contain "new releases" pages that make it easier for us to track down recent releases, the delicious chocolate cake we snacked on today, fond memories of My Little Monster 10, pink Noragami covers, and the timeliness of this review just happening to come right after the review for the other manga we mention in it.
18th-Oct-2015 01:13 am (UTC)
So the ending, ugh!!!! That foreboding "I learned___"! And I can't expect next volume to start with a "Haha just kidding!" like a certain other lovable series that made things sad between the leads and then ended on a flashback chapter and some gags. (seriously, I was so not in the mood for any jokes after the end of ch39. But they were funny anyway, darn it...)

Man, I don't want Shizuku to be a fan of their dad either. Maybe it was just that she took an interest since he's Haru's family? (so now any information about him is relevant to knowing more about Haru? (since he doesn't talk about stuff much himself.)) Also in her defense (though it still doesn't sit right with me), she didn't interact with the dad enough to see the depth of his awfulness, so maybe she just sees him as someone with worldly success?? Oh, Shizuku...

The brothers were the best/worst part of this volume. Like everything's so well written and I love both of them now and I just want people to be happy together, augh!! Why is life so hard?! Page 147-8 came close to making me cry.

Anyway, I'll probably like this volume a lot once I can reread it with future (hopefully happy) story developments in mind. For now it just makes me all sad. Oh, but Shizuku's reaction when she saw her reflection was so adorable!! I've seen countless gorgeous-heroine-transformations in manga now but this one was the best :D And like the first half of the volume was pretty full of cuteness and happiness. So there's that.

Also AHHHH there's only two volumes of this left?!?!? (plus a side-story volume?) I totally didn't realize!!!!!!!! Nooooooo... What's Robico writing now?? Kodansha US better license it. (edit: I had to know. Apparently Robico's new series started in August and features a boy with glasses(!!! haha). My next thoughts were "I hope the Twins translate it when Kodansha licenses it! And I'll letter it!! NO STOP LYS STOP THAT." We'll see.)

Edited at 2015-10-18 04:20 am (UTC)
18th-Oct-2015 02:05 am (UTC)
I know! It was so arrrgh! Fortunately(?) for us, we've gotten to a point where cliffhangers don't bother us so much unless someone is actually dying. We thank DN Angel for that one, taking like a whole year between Japanese volumes.

Those are excellent points about Shizuku and Yoshida Senior. We're still holding out hope that it was all about Shizuku's mother after all. I guess it won't be long before we find out grrrr.

Oh I know! They were both so adorable! We've had some rocky sibling relationships, and we've read a lot of manga, so I'm pretty confident that they'll be able to resolve their issues and be good friends again, even if it doesn't happen before the series ends.

Yes! Shizuku's transformation was so great, just because of her reaction. And Haru's reaction to her reaction! They're soooooooo cute!

Oh my gosh, the series being over thing. We only found out a little while ago, too! I was lamenting our busy busy schedule, so I went to the Kodansha page to see how long it would be before we caught up to the Japanese releases, and I couldn't find My Little Monster in the current serieseseses, and it still took a little while before it occurred to me what could be wrong! Then I figured it out and I was all ガーン.

On the bright side, there are actually three more volumes after this. The funny(?) thing about it is that we actually had volume 13 sitting on our shelf for weeks before I even thought to look up this information. We were like, "You mean, we've had the ending of the series all this time and had no idea it was the end?"

You mentioned Robico's new series, so we had to go look it up, too, and the one piece of art we've seen is really pretty! I love Robico's art and I love her characters, so I hope Kodansha gets it and we get to translate it, too! And maybe they'll wait long enough to get it that your schedule will have freed up some! (There's only one more Kingdom Hearts, only two more Ice Reapers...and it won't be long before we're all caught up on Noragami, either! Or maybe it will, at the rate we're actually going. We think volume 15 is just coming out...)
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