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Our exciting night of watching anime turned out to not be so exciting after all. We discovered that when someone says Netflix is listing a title, that just means you can search Netflix titles at your computer (not on the Wii) and it will show up. That doesn't mean you can watch it, necessarily. But now we know for sure that Seven Deadly Sins will be available on November 1.

We also discovered that FUNimation is being especially stingy about Noragami. It's a "2-week member exclusive". We didn't look it up, but we think that means that we'll get to watch each episode two weeks after it airs, so it will be another week before we get to watch it...unless we decide to pay for it. We love Noragami enough to spend money on it, but we were so annoyed at FUNimation last night that now we're feeling stubborn.

So instead, there was one more anime we were interested in watching this season, and that's K: Return of Kings. And! Viz is nice enough that we can just watch the episodes on Hulu without having to wait and wait and wait. But we also knew there was a movie between K and K: Return of Kings, which fortunately is also available on Hulu. So that's what we watched last night, and I feel like I should comment on it, but I'm not sure if that's even possible. We were talking about K with Gaston (he watched it because it's on Netflix), and we all agreed that it starts you out by deliberately making sure you don't know what's going on...and by the end you know even less of what's going on. But they give you just enough information to help you feel like you have some idea of what's going on, and the characters are fun, so we like it.

Nevertheless, we were feeling pretty grumpy after all that, and I came to the conclusion that we need more laughter in our lives! So after we got ourselves caught up on Fairy Tail, we decided to search Crunchyroll by genre for comedy. ...And we found out that Crunchyroll has a very loose definition of comedy. I mean, I know I've only seen two episodes of Linebarrels of Iron, but they were far from comedic. But the only thing for it was to pick something and see if it worked (we were very close to just watching Miracle Train again...which is still not a bad idea).

I admit, the reason for my choice was shallow. I'd seen screencaps or something for Mr. Osomatsu, and there were a lot of pretty boys. So we went with it in the hopes that it would have a favorite voice actor or two. Well, we were not disappointed.

The first episode is not helpful in any way as far as finding out what the series is about, so I can't really give you a summary. The idea is it's a reboot of the famous series from the Showa Era (we really wish the translator had been kind (or professional) enough to tell us what that means in the Western calendar; here, let me do first aired in the 60's) about sextuplets, but they're not sure the old style can hack it in the modern day, so the first episode is their zany attempt at becoming a modern anime. And it's hilarious.

There were two things that helped us realize we were going to love this series very much. First, all of the Matsu sextuplets were played by someone on our favorite voice actor list! We were only able to accurately identify four out of the six though, because Jun Fukuyama was using his Mamoru Miyano voice and his character didn't talk much. And the sixth one also didn't talk very much, and all we could identify was, "He's one of those young kids." But when he did talk, we were like, "He's SOOO familiar!" Especially when he said "akaharaido".

Turns out it was our beloved Miyu Irino. We were kicking ourselves when we read the credits. Athena had even had a Kingdom Hearts flashback while he was talking, which should have been a dead giveaway, because he has the highest male voice in that series, except for maybe Demyx, but it clearly wasn't him. Later I was like, "It's just because we haven't heard a lot of his voice lately...except that we've been waking up to his KamiAso song all week." When we went back to find a scene where he did talk, of course it was obvious.

Anyway, the other best thing about this series is that it appears to be made by the same people who made Polar Bear's Cafe! Woohoo! That's one of our favoritest comedies ever! And it has the whole cast! ...Well, most of the main cast, anyway. But it has Polar Bear and Grizzly and Penguin all playing the practically same characters, and Panda and Llama.

But more importantly, it's a good high-paced comedy (or at least, the first episode is high-paced; it might slow down a little when it goes back to the old style) with lots of random zaniness. And it's just what we need right now.

Today I'm thankful for the K movie being on Hulu, Viz not being stingy with their anime, getting to watch Mr. Osomatsu, remembering the importance of laughter, and our computer doing us the favor of not letting us access our usual time sinks.
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