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Big Hero 6, volume 2

Another slightly long work day in the name of having no work next week. Here's hoping the rush job that got brought up today isn't going to take very long.

In the meantime, it's Review Rednesday! And even though it's been out for more than two weeks, we have yet to even mention the bestselling manga we translated, Big Hero 6! This time it's volume two, and the conclusion of the alternate universe telling of the story! Spoiler alert: Dude, it's the last volume. (I should probably also mention that there are spoilers for the movie, but who hasn't seen the movie yet lys?)

Oh boy, we just finished translating Big Hero 6 volume two. This feels like a super amazing accomplishment because it happened at a time when we feel like we're completely swamped with work. [Real time note: HA!!]

As noted in our review of volume one, the manga is significantly different from the movie. The biggest disappointment in this is that they didn't rescue Tadashi at the end! What's the big idea! First you say, "Oh, there's hope that Tadashi doesn't die in this version!" and then you say, "We're sorry, but your brother is in another dimension." (<--imagine the Mushroom Retainers in the original Super Mario Bros.) And it pretty much just ends with Hiro deciding he's okay with not finding him right now. What.

Maybe it's just that he realized he needs to be a better inventor first. In the meantime, hopefully Tadashi found himself in a dimension that sustains life, because seriously. Or maybe he's in cold sleep like Abigail...but he didn't have a fancy capsule like Abigail did, so there are so many other things that could have killed him, like oxygen loss or something.

Anyway, it's funny, because there are some things about the manga that make a lot less sense than the movie, and some things about the movie that make a lot less sense than the manga. For example, it doesn't make a whole lot of sense that Professor Callaghan would have sent a little girl through the untried portal. Ueno-sensei does a fair job of explaining that with Callaghan's obsession and the fact that they thought the experiment had a 100% chance of success. "It's totally safe, and I've kind of lost my mind anyway, so sure let's send my little girl through an untried portal." It's stupid, but you can kind of see the reasoning.

In the movie, they know the portal's not necessarily ready yet, but Abigail is a lot older and responsible for her own decisions. They asked her if she was ready, and she said heck yeah, so she went...which makes Callaghan's outburst a little less justified, but grieving parents will be grieving parents. What makes less sense about Callaghan's behavior in the movie is that he had control over the entire robotics department at San Fransokyo Tech, so why oh why oh why did he have to steal the microbots? And especially why did he have to set the expo on fire while there were still people there? I mean, granted it's probably the surest way to erase all the evidence that he stole the microbots, but why couldn't he wait until late in the night when nobody was around anymore? Or why couldn't he just convince Hiro to let him borrow them for something? ...Well, I guess if he wanted to destroy everything Krei had, it would have taken a lot more convincing. Oh well. [Added note: So obviously he just has to make up a different reason.]

There seems to be a big difference in themes. The movie seems to be more about dealing with grief, while the manga seems to be more about how Hiro learned to be a human being instead of a robot. The funny thing is that a big part of that was making friends, but the other members of Big Hero 6 were barely in the manga at all. We didn't really feel like they were in the movie much, either, but they were definitely in it more.

Translating this volume was interesting. When we did the first draft, we got a series of phone calls from Mom while we were translating the big conflict between Yokai and Hiro, so they're fighting, and Mom calls, then the next scene we're on is a flashback to Hiro's past, then Mom calls again, then the next scene is back to them fighting. It made for a bit of a surreal day.

There were also a lot of parts where we wanted to check the dialogue against the movie, to see if we could use any familiar lines. This time, we were able to put the DVD in the laptop, so we didn't have to keep getting up and migrating to the living room like we do with Kingdom Hearts. But we had to be careful not to force lines where they wouldn't fit, because they actually didn't fit that much, and we didn't want it to turn into The Emperor's New School (the first episode of which seemed to just be a bunch of, "Hey, let's take all our favorite lines from The Emperor's New Groove and put them in a TV show!"). We ended up using very few lines directly from the movie, but we did have to keep checking.

Anyway, it was a pretty fun volume. It was cute and we enjoyed it.

Today I'm thankful for our NatureBox arriving today (we're trying a new thing for snack time), Page just walking in and getting settled on the floor like she was there the whole time, getting to translate the Big Hero 6 manga, finishing our first draft of the thing we were working on today, and manga that doesn't insist on have detailed maps in every chapter.
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