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We were more than half prepared for Gaston to call us and tell us he was on his way, since he said yesterday that he would call us today. And he did call today...and talked about the possibility of coming next week. And we were like, "What!? No! Next week is our vacation!!!" But then the call got disconnected and nothing was resolved, which would be fine if he were coming next week and we were okay with him coming next week, because we wouldn't need to work out any details until then. But we're not okay with him coming next week, so we resolved to call him back and make sure he knew that next week we're taking the week off from EVERYTHING, including Disneyland (but maybe not chores, boo) (and Mom's coming next week, and if she wants to go to Disneyland, we'll go with her, because that will still be a break from the ordinary).

That second call ended with Gaston undecided about whether or not to just leave tonight, so we told him to think about it and call us if he's coming.

And after all that, I'm so mixed up that I'm not even sure what's going on anymore. But we did finish the translation we were working on today, so things are looking pretty good for our vacation so far. In the meantime, we're going to give a couple of TV shows another shot. We tried watching the new Muppets series last week, but we didn't like it that much. It seems like they're just making a regular sitcom that happens to have Muppets as characters, and they've forgotten all the weird zany stuff that made the Muppets so much fun.

We also realized on Friday that Castle had started back up again without us noticing, so we watched the first two episodes of the season...and really disliked them. They're taking the show in a direction that we do not like, and on top of that, they set up a situation with a secret Big Bad. There's one person we think it might be, and whether it is that person or not, there's going to end up being a lot of questions about bizarre character behavior. I'd go into detail, but dinner is almost ready.

Today I'm thankful for clearing up confusion, finishing the translation we worked on today, catching up on some of the reviews we were supposed to be writing (we'd be all caught up if we hadn't finished another translation today), having our snazzy new whiteboard on the wall complete with list of deadlines, and Elementary being on Hulu so we can have a show to watch that we do like.
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