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Conference weekend

This weekend we disappeared into General Conference! I know I talk about this every six months, but I'm gonna do it again! Every April and October, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints has General Conference, which is when we have...I guess six (total) two hours sessions of addresses where the leaders of the worldwide church give us messages about the Atonement and other gospel topics. (The reason I had to stop and think about the total number is that I wanted to say it's four sessions, because that's how many we watch in one weekend, but there's also a Priesthood session for the men, and the weekend before the main group of sessions there's a general women's session.)

I'm not sure I have a whole lot to say about it other than that, though. There was one talk where the speaker invited us to "ponderize" a scripture every week, which apparently had some grammar enthusiasts cringing throughout the address. We were a little taken aback by it, but after he explained it, we were like, "Yeah, okay." Basically he just means pick a scripture and ponder on it and memorize the main points of it. It seems like a pretty good idea, too, so we're going to try it out. I may or may not talk more about that in the future.

Anyway, if anyone's interested in hearing what kinds of things we talk about in the LDS church, go ahead and check it out. There were some great talks about the importance of women (by Jeffrey R. Holland and Russell M. Nelson), and talks about trials and adversity (by Koichi Aoyagi, Vern P. Stanfill, and Dallin H. Oaks), and etc.

Also! Click on "show music" to get videos from the Saturday afternoon session of the children's choir who were super adorable. (I think it's the last song where the cameraman caught the cutest shot of a couple of brothers holding hands.) And for those who are interested in choral music, the other main sessions had music by the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. The women's session has a family choir which is also adorable.

Today I'm thankful for another great General Conference weekend, cookie puzzles (there's a bagger at our grocery store who tends to bag things upside-down, which is usually fine, but not so much when buying Pepperidge Farm cookies; our Chessmen were all smashed up, but we were able to find where the whole cookies were by putting the pieces together), having two new old Disney animal movies to watch (A Tiger Walks and The Littlest Outlaw (I think that one focuses on a horse, but if not I guess it's not an animal movie; still we saw a commercial for it and it looks adorable either way)), having Mickey Mouse band-aids, and the super cute story about boys digging holes in one of the conference talks (by Allen D. Haynie).
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