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I'm a bad person

Today in Relief Society, we had a lesson on developing a Christ-like character. It was actually a really good lesson, though I started out being argumentative again because the teacher was talking about how excited she was to find out that it was on building a Christ-like character rather than building Christ-like characteristics. But then Athena convinced me that they're really not the same thing, and the teacher said that on her mission, they were always told not to do missionary things, but to be missionaries. And then I realized it was going to be a really good lesson.

Nevertheless, my mind ended up wandering again, and I was thinking about Muppet Christmas Carol and the Flash. I had a vague sense that the teacher had asked the RS what they think you have to do to develop a Christ-like character. I snapped to attention when the teacher asked, "And what kind of a word is repentance?" And my first thought is, "A noun...?" which actually did turn out to be the direction she was heading, because the answer was an action word. Now, in my defense, I work with language all the time as a translator, so, while it's not necessarily a good thing, it makes sense that I would be a grammar Nazi. I pointed out right away that, actually, repentance is a noun--repent is a verb.

I immediately realized that I was being a dork, so I apologized, but the teacher was very nice, and even thanked me, and even sounded sincere about it. And then I felt like I should participate more, or at least pay more attention, to make up for detracting from the lesson with my evil nitpicking ways. But instead, I ended up composing this LJ entry in my head. But fortunately, I realized what I was doing and snapped out of it and was able to pay more attention, though I did keep playing Bless Us All from Muppet Christmas Carol in my head as background music.
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