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Thankfully, we managed to finish Chaika 4 today, so we didn't have to ask for more time! Now we're just about back on track, with one book due next Monday and another book due the Monday after that, and then a whole two weeks before we have any official deadlines! Of course, that's extremely likely to change before we finish those next two translations, and we still have that one book that's been due ASAP for the last several months.

It's getting pretty clear that we are in dire need of a vacation, to the point where it wouldn't just be a nice thing to happen, there would be severe consequences if it didn't. So now we have to decide if we want to take tomorrow off to recharge a little for those next two (or three...or four or five) translations, ask for an extension on our next assignment so we can take the whole rest of the week off, or power through the next two translations (or three if we decide we somehow have enough mental capacity for that ASAP one) in order to take a vacation guilt-free. The guilt-free thing seems unlikely to happen in any event...I mean, we're pretty good at not worrying about that stuff, so it's not like we'd be dwelling on it anyway.

But! if we take the rest of the week off, that means we wouldn't be taking a whole week off, and I really want to take a whole week off. I guess we could take next Monday off, too. But asking for extensions isn't exactly palatable, either. Hence the dilemma. Oh well, I'm sure we'll figure it out.

Today I'm thankful for finishing that translation on time, having a little bit of extra time today, having viable options as far as taking time off, having lots of cookies and ice cream to look forward to, and getting to order a case for our hand bells.
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