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More tales from the Primary

It is a very hot day today. One of the boys in Primary informed us that it is two hundred and five degrees outside. I think I would probably disagree with him, even on the basis of how hot it feels, because I think I've felt hotter, but it is definitely very hot. One of the older girls in Primary pulled out some device and checked a weather app, which said it was 93 degrees and feels like 101.

But that boy sure has been cute in his relaying of information. His mother is on the Primary presidency, and she brought a bunch of donuts to share because I guess the whole family went to Krispy Kreme to get free donuts on Talk Like a Pirate Day. I heard her tell someone that they got like four dozen donuts and she did Not want to keep all of them. So she brought two dozen to Primary, and her son told Athena's class, "My mom has a surprise for us, there's gonna be donuts!" Alas, Athena was unable to stop him before the surprise was ruined. On the other hand, it's possible that she was the only one paying attention, so no worries. And besides, I'm pretty sure nobody cares how much of a surprise it is as long as they get donuts. But anyway, he was really excited and reported on his Talk Like a Pirate Day trip, "We got, like, twelve donuts!" He also had skeleton gloves that glowed in the dark, but it wasn't nighttime, so he didn't get to see it very well.

Meanwhile, I had his little brother in my class (his little brother is my whole class), and the lesson, which was on "I can be a good friend", got off to a pretty good start...and then somehow turned into pretending we were at Disneyland the whole time. He would rearrange the chairs into ride formations, and we'd pretend to go on the ride, and it was a lot of fun--probably the most fun I've had pretending with a four-year-old since we moved here--but not really something I'd consider a successful lesson. I kept trying to interject lesson bits into the discussion, but he'd always deflect them by saying we were going to go on such-and-such ride now. He knows I don't like Tower of Terror, but I promised I would go on it anyway if I could tell him a story, so what do you think happened? That's right. I went on Tower of Terror and there was no story. I need to stop being such a doormat. (Athena's guess was that there was no Tower of Terror; that kind of thing has happened, as well.)

Today I'm thankful for surprise donuts in Primary (I wasn't in Athena's class, so I was surprised), forecasts of a significant drop in temperature tomorrow, having a much more relaxing weekend than I was planning on, kids who know how to really play red-light-green-light, and potential plans for the ward to watch Spirited Away at Movie Night on Friday.
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