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Oh man. Just... *dead*

We did it. And we didn't even have to work overtime! But our brains are smashed. Like with a big hammer. Maybe one made of stone. (<--That's a reference to the translation we were working on, where one of the chapter titles mentions a stone hammer. We wrote a note about that, too.) It's funny, because it almost would have been a really easy edit today, but we were looking up the one thing and having a hard time figuring out exactly what it meant...and then we figured it out, and realized it related to the other thing that totally defeated us the other day, so of course we started doing more research on that again, and we came thiiiiiiiiis close to having it all figured out! But we're still not there, so we can't just say, "This is how it is!" And we just don't have the time to research every name that could possibly be associated with every god that's mentioned in this series. If we did have time for that, maybe we wouldn't be so defeated. Also, if we had more comprehensive Japanese resources that weren't jam-packed with a bazillion obscure kanji.

Anyway, I think that's enough ranting. Yesterday we went to Disneyland after work, which you'd think would have us more relaxed, except for four things: crowds, going to Disneyland in the middle of the week when we have a million things to work on and impending deadlines that are smashing our brains, crowds, and crowds. Now you might ask yourselves why we would face ridiculously large crowds at Disneyland when we could be at home diminishing the amount of doom hanging over our heads, so I will tell you: there were limited edition pins we wanted to buy before they sold out.

The logical solution to make that venture less stressful is to go in the morning, when people are asleep and therefore not at Disneyland, but because our deadlines are so impending, we wanted to make sure to get the work done first. Otherwise we ran the risk of either staying too late, or coming home and being like, "I'm too tired to work! No no no no no no no!" We can be so immature sometimes.

So we went in the afternoon/evening, and it was mostly pretty nice, except for the ridiculousness of trying to navigate the park when nighttime spectaculars are involved. We learned that trying to cross the parade route right before the parade might in fact be worse than trying to cross the parade route during the parade. But neither of those things is as bad as trying to leave the park entirely during the parade. And you can't circumvent the crowds by using the Monorail, because they shut it down an hour before the fireworks.

Anyway, we went to Downtown Disney for dinner, and we discovered that the movie theater there is playing Walt Before Mickey, which is a movie we didn't even know existed. We would have dropped everything and seen it right then, but we already had fastpasses for Space Mountain: Ghost Galaxy, and we didn't want to miss an opportunity to go on Space Mountain. In hindsight, maybe that wasn't the best choice, but we did enjoy the ride. Also, if we had watched the movie, we wouldn't have had time to translate Fruits Basket Another last night, and our brains are way too smashed to translate it today. In fact, we have a Persona Q chapter we should be translating, but our deadline isn't until Sunday, so we are so saving that for tomorrow. Our brains are so smashed that we're like, "Whatever, we'll work on Saturday. Too tired." Of course, if they don't recover by tomorrow, we'll probably only be prolonging the agony, but at least this way there's a chance of higher quality results.

Anyway, we have a deathful workout to do, so I better stop typing and get to it. Today I'm thankful for the Encyclopedia of Shinto, getting the pins we wanted, not having to work overtime today, finishing that Noragami translation, and finding out about that movie.
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