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No Review Rednesday

Well, Noragami fans, today we had to admit defeat. What this means for you is just that you won't get a note that we wanted to write, explaining something for which we feel certain there must be an explanation. What it meant for us is like three hours of trying all kinds of internet searches in the hopes of somebody somewhere having posted the relevant information. We think! we might! have found out where the relevant information is a local history that was translated into English maybe once and can't be obtained via Amazon. We can get the Japanese version, and we're interested in doing that because all of this stuff is fascinating, but we don't have time to read Japanese histories. This script is due on Friday!

So we explained what we could in a way that might not even tell you which note we had such a hard time with! We can have a guessing game when the book is released! But the enormous downside to this is that we made almost no progress in our edit today, and we're feeling rather defeated.

In happier news, we got to work on UQ Holder! today, and we just have one thing to say about what happens in it: "You guys." And that's all we can say, because of spoilers. I'm not even sure which guys I'm talking to, because I'm pretty sure most of the Ken Akamatsu fans who read our blog don't read our blog anymore.

But I do have a funny story that will be funny regardless of whether or not you're a UQ Holder! fan! See, in the whole UQ Holder/Negima universe, there's magic and there's ki or chi or qi or whatever you want to call it. By the time we took over Negima, there was very little consistency in how it was translated, which is what I'm going to claim is the reason I can never remember which one we ultimately decided to use. It doesn't come up in every chapter, either, or you'd think I'd have remembered by now. And every time it comes up, I have to check our handy-dandy Negima! style guide to find out what we're using. So it came up this week, and sure enough, I had to pull out the style guide.

And the first thing I saw, right there on the new UQ Holder! sheet we made, was a cell that said, "it's CHI. Remember that! CHI!"

Tadah! Maybe now I'll finally remember it.

Oh right, today is supposed to be Review Rednesday. Unfortunately, we don't have any new releases to review, so you got to read me whining instead. I was going to post a link to one of our old love sim reviews instead, but we can't decide which one! They're all so much fun. If you have any requests, let us know!

Today I'm thankful for finding something (if not everything) about that thing we wanted to explain, helpful reminders to myself, finishing at least one of our goals for today (UQ Holder, check!), getting to read some of our old love sim reviews (they're so much fun!), and very interesting UQ Holder! developments.
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