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It's a world of hope and a world of fears♪

This last...however long it's been has been a bit of a roller coaster. We were really excited to get to work on Noragami today, especially because we just read two really positive reviews of it last night, and because we love it so much! But it wasn't that easy. We still had to turn in the translation we finished on Friday (it's due today), which we hadn't done because paperwork is our archnemesis.

That apparently continues to be the case today, because our printer flat out refused to print anything at all, even plain black text, because it claims to be out of yellow ink. (We have to print the contract, sign it and scan it.) I took the yellow cartridge out and put it back in, in the hopes that that would appease the printer, but it did not. The really frustrating thing about that is now my hands are covered in yellow ink, because guess what! there's still ink in the cartridge. (And it's not just a matter of the last remaining ink coming out to stain my hands, either, because the cartridge is clear and when you look past the sticker label, you can totally still see ink sloshing around inside.)

Soooo we went to Amazon and ordered more ink, and fortunately same-day delivery was an option, and not super expensive. It's just extra special, because all the online help and everything strongly cautions against using off-brand ink cartridges for whatever reason, but the website for our printer's maker apparently doesn't sell ink for our model anymore. Either that, or they lumped our model in with another model and didn't tell us. Either way, we're going off brand. I think the reason is that the printer won't be able to accurately gauge how much ink is left, but we've already determined that that's a non-issue.

Okay, in our printer maker's defense, it looks like the ink we're using right now might be off-brand, so there you go.

Anyway, we decided to get to work on Noragami, and it was so good! because it's always so good. And we were making really good progress because this volume is super action-packed! (But don't you fret! It still has a ton of stuff that's going to need to be researched! Maybe even the most so far!)

So that was good, too, and then we checked email. We had one from our new editor on Say I Love You, with a question about a name spelling. That also reminded us that he had asked us last week when we wanted to turn in the next volume. We failed to reply to that email, because these days when asked about deadlines, we sort of short circuit. (Athena says it happens with church choir, too. "So when do you think the choir can sing next?" "Fzht." (<--that's my "short circuit" sound effect)) But we thought it would be rude to continue to ignore him--if we had just answered promptly, maybe we could say we literally cannot think about it right now, but we didn't do that, so we thought it would also be polite to make a suggestion. So we suggested December in a feeble attempt to not say "we never want to work again" but also give ourselves some time to maybe take a week off somewhere. (Speaking of the word feeble, we remember reading a suggestion somewhere that the word was ableist because it probably came from "feeble" minded. Feeble by itself means weak (I think it's from Latin, but I've forgotten since we looked it up), so we're pretty sure feeble-minded came from feeble, and not the other way around, but it's possible that the word is still ableist, because someone who is weak would have less ability than average-strengthed people...)

Anyway, then my worst fear came (partially) true. I was sure that as soon as we chose a deadline for Say I Love You, we'd hear from all our other editors, with a slew of other deadlines, which would coincidentally all come before our self-assigned December deadline, leading right up to it so we'd have no time to take a day off except to go to Disneyland with our friends whom we love, but don't really help us recharge our introvert batteries (through no fault of theirs, of course). So I guess I should say that my worst fears haven't come true yet--we only heard from one editor, and the deadlines only span six weeks! And they're for three series that usually go pretty quickly!

So we were a little sad to see our time flit away, but we were hopeful. And that all reminded us that this volume of Noragami is due on Friday, so maybe it wouldn't be such a good idea to wait until tomorrow to finish our first draft. This thing is already promising to take a ton of research. ...So we finished the first draft! Tadah!

And now I'm tired just thinking about it all, and we still have a workout to do. But! the workout is cardio kickboxing, so we can punch our cares in the face! Ha ha!

Today I'm thankful for getting to work on Noragami today, same-day delivery from Amazon not being ridiculously expensive, managing to finish our first draft of Noragami, having Reese's Chips Ahoy! to look forward to later, and new Cheez-Its extra toasty flavor.
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