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After we posted our translation of the new Fruits Basket chapter last night, it occurred to me that we've been rushing to get the chapters translated ASAP so anyone who wanted to get to it ASAP would have a translation available, but maybe if all of our friends are waiting for a less trafficky time to get to it, it might be better to wait to post the translations so they'll be easier to find when people do get around to reading them. What does everybody think?

In other news...there's not a lot of news, but! we finished our translation today and we're back on schedule! (But we haven't turned it in, because we haven't done the paperwork yet...) We even had enough time to work on the other little project that we've been doing ever so slowly whenever we have some free time and aren't dying. So that's kind of exciting.

Even more exciting is that next week we're back to Noragami! Woohoo!! I know I say this like every time Noragami comes up, but we totally want everybody to read it. The story is great, and as translators we like it because it takes smarts and a good sense of humor to translate it well, so it makes us feel like we're pretty good at what we do...y'know, when it's not making us feel inadequate. But one time, we were working on Stray Stories, and we pulled up our script for volume eight to check something for consistency, and one line caught my eye and I started to crack up. And it's when we can look at past translations and be amused by them (in a good way) that makes us feel like we're pretty okay at what we do. Either that, or we just like to laugh at our own jokes...and that's pretty hard to deny, because we totally do.

But you don't have to take MY word for it! Check out Noragami and see for yourself!

Wow, I totally didn't mean for this to turn into a Noragami commercial, but we're totes okay with it. Speaking of Noragami, though, Anime News Network reported on it, so I think Noragami fans might already know, but for the Yato Matsuri, they made up a dance! And they're asking people to make videos of themselves doing it! We're not sure if we want to make a video or not, but we totally want to learn the dance!

And I wasn't sure if I had anything more interesting to say about that, so I wasn't going to mention it, but then Athena said maybe somebody else would want to learn it, too, so! here's the link to the video! The first one (the one that starts up automatically when you go to that link) is the official commercial that shows the dance, then the one under it and to the right is the one that explains how to do it. We haven't watched it yet, so we can't say how easy it would be to follow without knowing Japanese, but it can't be that hard, can it? It should mostly be a visual thing. (The one on the left says it's the reverse version; I guess that means it's mirrored so you can learn the dance by mirroring what the dancer is doing.)

Now the tricky part is finding time to do it! Maybe we'll start tonight after our workout. ...Ha ha ha, that was a funny joke. Today's workout is the most deathful of all the workouts in this program. Maybe we'll have time tomorrow.

Today I'm thankful for being back on track as far as work is concerned, a forecast predicting cooler weather, reminders to look for the positives (we were all discussing the heat at the Relief Society activity last night, and how awful it was, and then our visiting teacher said, "But let's look at the positives! At least this didn't start in July!"), Noragami dances, and still having delicious pound cake to look forward to.
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