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Yay Kid Flash!!!

It seems like it was so long ago, now, since Kid Flash was on Teen Titans three hours ago.

So, yes. Kid Flash was on Teen Titans tonight!!! And he was adorable!!!! The Twins are very, very happy.

We didn't always care about the Flash. The first time we saw him was when he was on that episode of the Superman animated series racing Superman, and we didn't like him that much because, duh, we're watching Superman. Obviously Superman is the best. And we didn't like his costume.

The Justice League series aired around when we started college, and, staying in the dorms, we didn't get to watch anything. But when we went home for... I think it was the summer, but it might have been Christmas, we caught an episode. It's the first one I remember watching, but it might be the second we've seen. The Flash got arrested for something because he was being mind-controlled, and a policeman offers him coffee and asks him how he takes it and he says, "Cream and thirty-seven sugars. ...What? I'm not kidding!" And we were in love with him forever after. Ever since then, any time we managed to catch the Justice League, we were immediately bored if we realized Flash wasn't going to be in it.

So then, when we got hooked on Teen Titans, and we went to various websites that mentioned Kid Flash (including the Teen Titans creator, Marv Wolfman(whom we met at TokyoPop because he did the English adaptation for The Candidate for Goddess, a series which we highly recommend)'s website), I always thought it would be really cool to see him on the show. But then everyone was taking the Which Teen Titan are you? quiz, which said that Kid Flash was Wally West, who's the Flash in the Justice League TV Series, so I was a little sad (because if he'd already gone on to be in the big Justice League, he wouldn't be a Teen Titan anymore at all ever). But not too sad, because we got to see him on Justice League.

And then today, we're watching Teen Titans, and the Hive Five were robbing this place, and suddenly there were these yellow and red streaks and all the stuff they'd stolen was put back, and we turned to each other and said, "Kid Flash?" (For some reason this thought didn't occur to us when we checked the TV Guide site to see what the title of today's episode was and found out it was "Lightspeed") And there he was! Only for the we'll say six? minutes of the episode, he was just streaks, which would have been very frustrating if we didn't know that, being the only goodguy in the episode, he would have to slow down eventually.

And he did, and he was adorable! Every time he was moving slow enough for us to look at him, one of us would say to the other, "He's so cute!!!!" And when he came back from France wearing a beret!? AAAAAAAHHHH!!!!!

Now, anyone who has been keeping up with us should realize that, while he's zooming around, even before he stopped long enough to say anything, we were wondering who plays him. We thought it would be really neat if Michael Rosenbaum (Flash Flash)played him, since apparently Kid Flash is Flash Flash. And as we listened to him, he sounded like he might be, but might not be. Especially when he asked Gizmo what he was making. So at the same time we're being all hyper and excited about watching Kid Flash, we're dying to see the credits. And then the credits went by and we missed it! so we looked it up at, and it said that he was!!!! So unless someone who recorded the episode or who has a Tivo or something and can pause it when it's on again tells us is wrong, then we're going to go with that.

And that means that we love Michael Rosenbaum even more! Because that would mean that, even though he's probably wealthy and famous enough to not have to play even Flash Flash anymore, he still loves the character enough to do it anyway. Or at least he doesn't hate the character enough to not do it. This would make me especially happy because of our snobby older sister who hates superhero stuff but thinks that Michael Rosenbaum is a fabulous actor. But we're petty and vindictive, and that's only a small part of the happiness that is Kid Flash.

A few weeks ago, Smallville was having a contest where you could win a car that would be delivered to your home by a Smallville cast member, and we were totally wanting to win and have Michael Rosenbaum deliver the car so we could tell him we love him as the Flash. Maybe we should just write him a fan letter.

My love of Kid Flash is almost enough to make me say, "Forget about Starfire! I want to cosplay Jinx!" Jinx has a cute costume, too. But I don't like her hair, and she doesn't have an almost identical older sister. At least, not as far as I know. Oh well.

Anyway, tonight I'm thankful for Kid Flash, Flash, sharp scissors, adorableness, and having a ride to church tomorrow.
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