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I am now updating LiveJournal as a way to pass the time while we wait for Fruits Basket Another to load. It's kind of funny; after I made that post the other day, we got an email from Twitter with the "popular in your network" tweets, and one of them was HanaYume Online, basically saying the same thing: things get slow right after an update, but wait a day or two and it should all have calmed down.

Anyway, we would have gotten to all of this sooner, but we had a Relief Society activity tonight. And since Mexican Independence Day is this month, we had demonstrations on how to make all kinds of Mexican foods, as well as two different kinds of miniature pinatas. We even took home some materials to finish a pinata! ...And odds of that pinata ever actually getting finished are very slim. But! there was a balloon (all of this kind of pinata were made with papier mache over balloons) that was shaped like a hedgehog, so we saw it and thought, "We have to make a hedgehog pinata!" And there was some very pretty green tissue paper, and some shimmery brown tissue paper that we wanted to use for its face, so it's going to be like a chia hedgehog...if we ever finish it.

In the meantime, the heat might be getting to us, or maybe it's that we're tired of working all the time, because we're getting a little careless with the translation we're working on. And not careless like we're making careless mistakes, but careless as in we don't care. Not to say we don't like the series--we do, and this volume is the best so far! Just that this series has a rewriter, so we go, "Does that sound good enough?" "Who cares? It's not our responsibility." And then our pride as translators kicks in and we keep looking at it. It might kick in a little less when dialects are involved, though.

Oh! We just added the next chapter to our bookshelf. Now we just need to wait for it to load.

Today I'm thankful for having a lovely time at the Relief Society activity, the delicious pound cake we took home from Bread Day on Sunday, getting a ride to the activity, handy gauges that tell us what percentage of the chapter has loaded, and getting to wear our new t-shirts today (they have Chip and Dale on them and say "my family tree is full of nuts").
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