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Alethea & Athena
Still trucking. 
7th-Sep-2015 05:24 pm
Well, I think we may be getting back on track as far as making some headway in our workload. We finished Say I Love You 13 today, and tomorrow we start on My Monster Secret. We won't know for sure whether or not we're going to have to work overtime until then.

In the meantime, how about a cute story from Primary? As part of the treasure hunt series of games, there was a short Jeopardy! game. One of the categories was "Our Primary" and the clue was "one of the counselors in the Primary presidency." The boys were having a hard time getting points (they were mostly visitors), so instead of giving it to whoever raised their hand, Athena called on one of those boys whose mother is the second counselor. He got a blank look on his face. After some helpful prodding, he finally said, "My mom!" "Can you put that in the form of a question?" And then there were more blank stares until the first counselor whispered in his ear, "Who is my mom?"

There was some more cuteness from Primary children about a week ago, when we told the girls who usually ride home with us that we would be going to a singles event because we were sad, lonely single people (the real reason is that they wanted us to do the music). One of them said, "You'll find someone. Just have faith!" Then after some discussion, she said, "Just don't marry any wackos."

Today I'm thankful for finishing that translation, surviving a new and more difficult workout (we're on our seventh week of the True Beginner program!), Gaston's proposed fan placement turning out to be effective after all, having some pound cake to look forward to at some point, and getting to watch Ever After High last night.
8th-Sep-2015 12:31 am (UTC)
"Just have faith" and "just don't marry any wackos"—two excellent pieces of advice for us all :D
8th-Sep-2015 02:14 am (UTC)
I know, right? XD
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