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It's coming.

Well, we're a little excited because! we just installed the HanaYume Online app onto Athena's iPad. We were at the site today and realized just how much free manga there is for the reading! But the idea of staring at our computer screen all that time wasn't so appealing, so now that we know we can get the app, we're a lot happier. Also, it will make things just a little bit easier when we start translating Fruits Basket Another, which comes out on the fourth...and it's already the fourth in Japan, but I don't know if the update is based on our computer's clock or if they update at some point in the middle of the day or what, but the point is, we can't access that particular series yet. Add to that the possibility of us spending all day tomorrow at Disneyland, and we're pretty sure most of the people who care will already have read a scanslation somewhere before we can get to it. Boo!

But we will translate it anyway...probably. There's still the possibility that our schedule will try to eat us again, but! we made really good progress on Say I Love You today, so we're on track to finish it Monday without too many problems...unless the second two thirds of the script proves to be trickier than the first third. ...In that case, we'll just be working late on Monday. Ha, ha, ha.

Anyway! the goal is to translate Fruits Basket Another sometime over the weekend. Saturday is ideal, of course (well, Friday is the most ideal, but.), but we have plans for Saturday. These plans should take significantly less time than our Friday plans, though, so we should be able to fit this in! And we don't have to get up early on Sunday morning, so we can stay up late if we have to.

In the meantime, our plans for tomorrow aren't set in stone, either. When Gaston called, he said something about going to San Diego, but if that falls through, or if some condition or other is met, then he wants to go to Disneyland, because it's his birthday and he's never been to Disneyland on his birthday. What. Never been to Disneyland on his birthday!? This needs to be fixed. ...Although of course, it would be better if we weren't so swamped with work, but birthday! Still, if he wants to go to San Diego instead, that would be great, too! It's a win-win for us (which I can only say now because I don't feel like the Say I Love You. edit is going to destroy us).

The point is, we're still planning to translate Fruits Basket Another; we're just not entirely sure when that will happen. But it should be sometime this weekend!

Today I'm thankful for the HanaYume Online app, the Say I Love You edit not being too hard (so far), it being almost time for more Fruits Basket, UQ Holder also being fairly easy today, and Kingdom Hearts [chi] giving us a chance to get the Donald costume after all.
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