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Your Lie in April volume 3

Well, we had a day off and I think it helped? But it would have helped more if we weren't looking at another day away from work on Friday, but it's Gaston's birthday and who are we to say no to a day at Disneyland on someone's birthday? It wouldn't even be a problem if we didn't have a volume of Say I Love You due on Monday. That wouldn't be a problem either if it wasn't also interrupted by Persona Q (side P3, which is always more talkative) and UQ Holder!. Things are shaping up to be pretty overwhelming, so here's hoping Disneyland is very relaxing!

Anyway, it's also Review Rednesdays! So have another review! This time, Your Lie in April, because I'm still not ready to talk about the last volume of Let's Dance a Waltz (but that one's up next week, so if you want to read it before we post our review, heck, you have time to read the whole series!).

Anyway, spoiler level: medium?.

Your Lie in April 3

Your Lie in April 3. (I had to type that to remind myself what I was supposed to be talking about. Mere seconds ago we were typing up a Noragami review.) What happened again? Right, Kosei's entering a competition.

This series is one of the few series we've ever read/watched that had us want to say to a character, "...Have you considered therapy?" I mean, he's having conversations with a talking black cat, and if it were something like Sailor Moon, it'd be like, well yeah, of course, but it's becoming increasingly clear that the black cat isn't real. Also, a hearing disability such as his has got to be more psychological than physical. Heck, regardless of what it is, you'd think he'd want to get it checked out by some kind of professional.

Anyway, it's great how Kaori helped him find a way to work around the disability and keep practicing. It's just such a great way to do things--instead of saying it's impossible for whatever reason, you find a way to overcome the problem. So once again, all it really comes down to is how much you want it.

This volume also has Tsubaki being jealous, and tournaments which were a pain in the neck to translate. I think I mentioned in our volume one review that the sports terms gave us way more trouble than the music terms ever did. Well, that continues to be true. In fact, as we were struggling with some soccer talk yesterday, I was like, "You know, two of the girls we talk to in Primary play soccer. We could just call them. ...But I don't want to call people." So I asked one of them about it this morning. Turns out Americans don't have a term for after a game when the teams go shake hands or high-five or whatever, and that our work-around works just fine.

English speakers need to learn to have more words for things. ...On the other hand, when they do have words for things, they insist that only very specific things fit under that label and get very anxious about things being in "the wrong group," so maybe it's for the best.

But if only people would still say "go steady," it would be so much easier to translate "tsukiaimashou." Srsly. But maybe we were just overthinking it when we were afraid "let's go out" might not be quite so clear. So here's hoping nobody had to stop and think for a few seconds after Tsubaki said that to figure out what she meant by it. [Note: After complaining about this, we were watching something or other that was written in American, and they did say "go steady". Go figure. ...On the other hand, neither of us can remember what that thing was, and we're not entirely convinced it wasn't a subtitle, so.]

And speaking of Tsubaki...there was something I wanted to say about her...what was it... Right! When Kosei was carrying her home. First of all, it was super cute. Second of all, the weird thing he said to her. He said, "You really are a girl," essentially admitting that now he sees her as a girl, which is how a girl generally wants a boy to see her when she's interested in him romantically. In other words, Kosei is acknowledging, as a straight boy, that he sees her as a potential mate. And his reason for randomly saying that is "maybe it's because the seasons are changing." So did he just admit that his affections might be shifting from Kaori to Tsubaki!? Because in volume two, he said Kaori is in spring, and now the season is changing to summer.

But it's still okay to ship Kosei/Kaori and Kosei/Tsubaki, because we're pretty sure Kaori is dying. (If you know, don't tell us!)

Also, this series makes us want to practice music soooo badly. But we don't have time for that. Hopefully by the time this review gets posted, we will have worked passed our mountain of work and will have a more laid-back schedule. We need to buy the sheet music for the Well-Tempered Clavier and Chopin's Etudes. What kind of a pianist have I been all these years!? I don't know if I've ever played anything from either of those collections. So when we have enough money that we feel like we can buy non-necessities again, we're going to order sheet music for me, and fifes for Athena. Or maybe a bunch of CDs from Amazon Japan, like the Your Lie in April anime soundtrack and the Dream Drop Distance soundtrack. If we're lucky, both! [Update: We have now bought all of these things except for Chopin's Etudes, but the mountain of work (as noted above) continues to crush us. As for the Well-Tempered Clavier, the first prelude was super easy...and everything after it is pretty much impossible. But I'm working on it! ...Very, very slowly.]

I feel like we should say something about Takeshi and Emi. ...Well, g'bye!

Today I'm thankful for getting to buy things on our wishlist, getting to listen to our Daigyakuten Saiban soundtrack (it came with the special edition), finishing Daigyakuten Saiban (we were sure there would be at least one more case--too many unanswered questions! surely they're planning a sequel, right?), Asogi's theme, and our favorite frozen pizzas being on sale yesterday. And remembering that we have Whatchamacallits! Mmm!
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