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Noragami event

Today is kind of a rush day, too, but! we got done ahead of schedule (sort of), so we have a little time to spare. And that means we can talk about that Noragami event report we found! We came across it the other day, but we were kind of in the middle of some other stuff, so we just searched the page for any time it said Kaji-san and went on our merry way. But we read some neat stuff, and I wanted to share, so today we went back and read it again so I could report on the report more coherently.

Apparently there was a Noragami event that took place on June 7th last year, and a fan was kind enough to report on her experience attending it. I'm trying to decide if I should link to her blog post for everyone to see or not...

As these events usually are, it was divided into a few sections. The most interesting (to read a blog report about) were the reminiscing about the series and the quiz. The reminiscing specifically involved favorite scenes, but we don't know if they were the voice actors' favorite scenes or fan favorite scenes or what. But first up! is the guy falling from the building. Apparently the voice actors were just as confused about the length of the fall as Yukine was, and the director told them not to worry about it. Hiroshi Kamiya (Yato) said it was hard because he was told to use a different energy level for each line.

Next up, the battle with Rabo. I'm not sure if we're interpreting the report right, because it's in bullet points and there's not always enough context (or maybe we just don't know the vocabulary), but apparently Yuuki Kaji had four different patterns for performing Yukine, that he changed depending on when it was in the series. Everybody seemed pretty impressed with the battle with Rabo.

Third and most importantly, the ablution scene. Oh my goodness, the ablution scene. It seems like the voice actors mainly remembered the screaming, which was faded out for parts of the scene in final production, but was going on for the entire scene. Kaji-kun said he'd had to do screaming and crying before, but never with pain involved. He hoped that people got that it felt like he was being torn apart. Asami Imai (Mayu) said she felt really bad about the whole thing, since Yukine replaced her, and Aki Toyosaki (Kofuku) said he was pretty intense even in the test run, so she prayed that he didn't ruin his throat.

Then there was some talk about the scene when Kofuku tells off Bishamon (awesome scene; apparently everyone laughed every time Daisuke Ono (Daikoku) said anything) and the fight with Bishamon and then they had the quiz. The teams were Team Yato and Friends (Kamiya-san, Kaji-kun, and Maya Uchida), the Double-Name Ladies (Toyosaki-san and Imai-san, because their characters both have two names), and the Men Who Protect Veena (Jun Fukuyama (Kazuma) and Kazuhiko Inoue (Kuraha)). The even MC said the teams looked like a college club, department store salesladies, and a couple of con artists, respectively.

And they asked really hard questions, like how much does a 5-yen coin weigh. Nobody got it right, so they just let the closest team have it (Team Yato! Yay!), and then they brought out the victory dancers--a team of 52 festival dancers.

They had a video question with Takahiro Sakurai (Rabo) asking what the kanji for Rabo are, which was especially hard because in the script, they just wrote the name in katakana. (But his name had shown up in kanji earlier in the event.) There was one question about shrines in Ise, and Team Yato tried to just write as many possible answers as they could think of in the hopes that one of them would be right. It was one of their answers, and that meant they had the only right answer in the entire quiz. The MC always let somebody get a question right, because he wanted to bring the dancers out again, and every time the dancers came out, a couple of voice actors would leave the stage with them. When Kaji-kun and Kamiya-san came back after they left, the MC thanked them for surveying outside the wall.

Anyway, Team Yato won, and for their efforts, they got...a year's supply of umaibo (deliciastick). Yato would be so pleased.

...And that's all the stuff that was interesting, for people who didn't get to see it in person like us. And the rush is creeping back on us, so we need to go.

Today I'm thankful for fans who post event reports for those of us who couldn't attend, having a ward party to go to, making good enough progress on Your Lie in April today that it was okay to stop when we did, the weather forecast predicting cooler weather next week, and getting to eat a delicious Freschetta pizza.
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